Tuesday, October 27

better than apple pie

Some nicer autumn weather has returned for a few days promising partly cloudy skies and high temperatures in the 50's. It'll be ideal weather for prompting us to get outside to rake leaves before the snow that keeps visiting us actually STAYS...and here I thought I wouldn't be tempted to wander outside again this season. Oh well.....

There is, however, an indoor task that I need to complete and that is to finish up my apples either by making more applesauce or apple desserts before the apples begin going rotten.

Ahhhh, but what fun it was to have my granddaughter here a couple of weeks ago as she LOVES eating apples. Grandma decided she wasn't going to do the "give her little pieces at a time all day long" approach.....

.....and instead would peel a whole apple for her to wander around the kitchen to eat. That little girl was as happy as a bug in a rug as she'd plop down in the little princess chair eating her apple and watching all the activity around her.

Yup, watching her smile was better than eating apple pie any day! At least for this grandma :-)

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