Wednesday, October 7

faint not

Way back when I was thirteen years old, I opened my eyes while lying on a doctor's exam table only to realize I had fainted immediately after having my ears pierced. It certainly wasn't from pain, but most definitely from excitement!

And so began a rite of passage for my own girls.

Isn't it amazing that as soon as girls discover jewelry, they think they need their ears pierced? And when they discover mom won't budge on that one in this household, there's a series of drawing earrings on with markers, stick-on earrings, clip-on earrings, magnetic earrings, grandma's old earrings.

Until they turn 13.

When one of my daughter's turned 13 last month, she could not wait to get her ears pierced. However, she was still in the midst of soccer season which has a rule of NO jewelry or earrings and since she couldn't take earrings out of newly pierced ears it was necessary to wait.

Until yesterday.

The appointment was made at the same salon her older sister had gone to for her ear piercing over 13 years ago. Off we went in the pouring rain for this momentous occasion which resulted in no fainting and a lot of smiling.

One sparkly earring sits in each ear.

To complete this rite of passage, she divided up all her favorite clip-on earrings and passed them on to her two younger sisters.

Now to keep my heart from growing faint as I consider how quickly this daughter is growing up!

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Letitia said...

I know it was an exciting day for her. Fun memories.

ValleyGirl said...

My girls ~ especially the older one ~ have been begging to get their ears pierced almost since they could talk! How did 13 become the magic age in your home? However did you manage to hold them off until then??!!

mom said...

I just told them early on that they'd have to wait until 13 like their mom did and until then they could use "alternatives". I think it gave them something to wait for and look forward to which seems to be even a more important lesson in this world of instant gratification. Another reason would be that at 13 they are more able to handle the daily care of their ears as they heal as well as being responsible for keeping earrings safely put away. I've stepped on plenty of clip-on earrings on their bedroom floor that were basically ruined after that....

Mrs. E. said...

My right of passage took place at age 40! (My dad had the rule "as long as you live under my roof" and after that it didn't matter much) Think little A will go for that one?. . . I better stick with 13. And I must say, that little hole made me about jump out of my seat! It hurt a lot more that I anticipated!

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