Tuesday, October 6

the getting better part?

When I got up yesterday morning, my husband and I chatted about the saying, "You're not getting older....you're getting better!" My question to him was....how old do you have to be to finally be getting better?

This morning I was reminded of that saying again as I took my early morning walk in the high school's fieldhouse. As the youngest one walking most days, I get to observe the older than me folks. One lady typically is walking by herself since her husband has such long strides and she is also typically talking to herself, too. Louder than a whisper but softer than conversationally. It's always just a bit unnerving walking past her. Then there was a group of three ladies walking together who took a few laps and were slowing down as they made the decision to stop walking because one lady's hips were "screaming", one was worn out from walking, and the other had sore knees.

So, I've added those observances to my own which would include having a hard time threading a needle because my vision keeps changing (glasses on, glasses off, where's the magnifying glass?), my body has unfamiliar aches each morning as I get out of bed, my memory has left the premises, my endless energy from the past has ended, and technology keeps moving faster than I can figure out.

Older means better?

Ah, yes, older does mean better. But it will never be in the same terms that the world sees as better.

Can I share a few betters?

*Relationships with others have a richer meaning as they've grown and matured through the years. You learn that whatever you see on the outside is probably not even close to what is on the inside, and you can love them just they way they are.

*There really is no secret to good health. It continues to include basic and foundational principles - eat less, eat healthy, exercise more, get plenty of rest, drink water.

*The less stuff, the simpler. The drive for more "things" fades and you find that fewer essential things hold more importance in your life, although I do need to work on this principle when it comes to sentimental type items :::sigh:::

And the best better part about getting older is learning that the bottom line really is about God. Nothing else really matters except this key relationship because in the end, that's all you really have. People will come and go. Health will come and go. Stuff will come and go. All that is left is God who will never come and go. In fact, the longer He is part of your life, the richer your life will be on so many levels. And for me, that does make getting older so much better!

May life in your garden be getting better as you get to know your Heavenly Father better as each day - and year! - passes!

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Angela said...

What a blessing this was to read today! Thanks for sharing!


LLJ said...

Yes, I think I need to read this. thanks for sharing.

Letitia said...

Amen! ....including on the "sigh" that I need to be better at letting sentimental things go. : )

mom said...

Letitia, I'm starting to take baby steps even in the area of sentimentality. I look at each item and if it is something that has meaning ONLY for me and will most likely be tossed when I'm gone, then perhaps it isn't worthy of saving. An example would be of various flowered dishes I have put away. I have a few that I remember my grandma and then my mom using which I will keep put away, but if they are basic dishes that my mom used regularly, I feel like I can use them and wouldn't feel a loss if they broke. Does that make any sense? Trust me, this is a big baby step for me....hee hee...

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