Thursday, October 15

a grateful gardener

After I finish writing this, I'll head out to pull all the carrots out of my garden. It looks like there'll be quite a few, but I never really know until they start coming out of the ground since their growth is hidden from our vision. Hopefully they'll be of good size and not crooked. Canning all the carrots will be a long day process as it takes awhile to do all the peeling, then the cutting, then the actually steps of preparing them for the canner. Thankfully, my children know the canning routine which does lighten my load AND earns them some bonus computer time.

Canning carrots is typically one of the last garden details of the year. So as I close out another season of gardening, my heart is thankful for many reasons:

*Despite planting late and slow growth due to a unusually cool summer, my garden still produced much more abundantly than anticipated.

*My food pantry is currently full of canned and frozen vegetables that were either sunkissed in my garden or in another nearby garden.

*My garden continues to be a wonderful place of escape and refuge for this mama!

*For a husband who loves to ride his Kubota around in my garden in the early spring and the late fall to till the soil to perfection.

*My kids were once again great helpers when it came to the weeding and care of the various plants we grow. They also did a good job of nibbling away while working in the garden. Can anything be more healthy for their growing bodies than food going directly from the plant into their mouths?

*The zinnias inside my garden fence were totally glorious this summer!

*And if I type this quick enough, I should be able to get out to the garden before the flake or two of snow in the air turns into a continuous snowfall - which would make me VERY thankful - as it looks like it's almost here on the weather radar! YIKES!

Do you have a thankful heart this morning? Want to share or read about others whose hearts of thanksgiving are overflowing? Take a moment to check out Thankful Thursday which is being hosted by Lynn this week!

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cat said...

Great gardening list. We are now into summer and I am contemplating a small veggie garden - I have planted some radishes and herbs in pots, but I have carrots and salad on the to-do list.

Jerralea said...

Wonderful list of blessings! Harvest time is such a time of thanksgiving.

Nezzy said...

I am thankful for the love of God and the blessings of a loving Hubby and wonderful children and grandchildren. I pray I can be thankful for the sun of which has not shown up around the Ponderosa for over a week now. I am thankful the flood water has ran down in spite of continual rain. My veggies and flowers are toast, they are talking snow flurries for the Ozarks this weekend. Sooo not ready!

Have a wonderful blessed day and enjoy those fresh carrots!!!

Tammy said...

I can't grow a thing. We've tried but it just don't work out. My sister gives me flowers that "won't die" she says, They always do. I don't know what happens. Some of us have it and some don't I guess.
I do have some Cannas in my yard that actually bloomed. I have a picture on my blog.
I sure admire those of you who can grow things like you describe.
Thanks for sharing.

Serendipity said...

How nice to be able to grow your own food! I'm really full of admiration for you wonderful gardeners. I've started trying my hands on gardening and sad to say, many plants I have killed.

May God bless you abundantly!

Denise said...

God bless you abundantly.

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