Wednesday, October 28

the hair of contentment

So, tell me. Is THIS really worth.....


I'm guessing she thinks it is!

Looking back as far as my very first day of school with a fresh home perm in my hair, home perms were something I grew up with through the years. With the bit of natural wave in my hair, those home perms easily took affect. Thinking about this now I realize that I stopped getting home perms when my mom's health began declining and she could no longer roll my hair up in perm rods. Since then, I've only gone to a salon one time to have a perm put into my hair and it was an ever living disaster! YIKES! Now that my hair is a shorter style it seems that it has all those soft curls I was hoping for all those years are now mine to behold. God is good!

But then there's my girls. The two with stick straight hair have desired curls which result in pictures like above - although some have turned out worse through the years! - and then there's the daughter with the beautiful thick wavy hair who asked for a hair straightener for her recent birthday and prefers using that now.

What is it about us females and our hair?

Does anyone still use home perms besides our family?

And should I even touch the subject of coloring and highlighting?

All I can say is that I've reached a point of contentment with my hair as long as my bangs are kept trimmed....

Hope you're having a good hair day in your garden!

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keri said...

What?! Where's the REAL picture of her that morning?!? ;)

mom said...

HA! Maybe I could scan in one of your "real" perm pictures and put them both up tomorrow?! Wow, that sounds like blackmail, doesn't it? Whatcha gonna give me?! Muhahahaaaa!

Love you!

Kimmie said...

We don't home mom did me a girl though.

The perm came out nice, very pretty.

Do you really own a cape for haircuts. I am impressed. Where can I get one?

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

Hmmm, I don't think that's my cape, Kimmie? We'll have to see if my daughter comes back here to claim it!

Tammy ~@~

Rhonda said...

oh she looks adorable!
the home perm has come a long way!
My Mom used to give them to me to...but then she got tired of it so I went to the salon and that was the last one I got in (1985) Which was a disaster.
And I don't have daughters so....
no home perms here...

keri said...

I used that cape today on one of my clients. :) You can find them at most beauty supply stores.

Tammy said...

How cute! I looked like a poodle after my first perm. LOL

mom said...

Ya, I have some poodle pictures of myself...hee hee...

Tammy ~@~

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