Wednesday, October 14

the last circuit

Over seven years ago my oldest daughter and I signed up at Curves for Women in one of their two-for-one deals. It was a great start to getting back in shape and with the upcoming first wedding in our family of my oldest son the timing was perfect. Between having to pay to exercise and having my oldest daughter to go with each time, the perfect accountability was in place. I loved it!

However, the loss of weight and inches only lasted a few months before the curve went in the other direction. No fault of Curves though as I was surprised to find myself pregnant! The goal of being a healthier weight and shape for my son's wedding was dashed as I delivered my ninth baby a week AFTER his wedding.

Yet Curves was there for me after the birth of my last baby and through other major life events as well over the last seven years. Deaths, graduations, weddings, grandbaby births. The exercise has worked well to help through the stress of these major events as well as the minor details of daily life. But more importantly it has been the fellowship, support, and encouragement of a group of women who regularly exercise around the same time of day three days a week that has meant the most. Laughter truly is the best medicine of life and I've always had something to laugh about each time I've been there as these ladies have an extraordinary sense of humor. And yet just as easily our eyes can fill with tears as life becomes difficult. What a blessing!

Knowing all that, it was very hard for me to make the decision to eliminate this expense as our summer ended and my husband's business had continued to decrease since it wasn't a necessary budget item, but instead an "extra". My thirty day notice was given and this morning was my last time around the circuit.

At least I have a better handle on staying healthy and exercising at this point in my life. A walking habit has been firmly established and on my previous Curves days I can fill in with those old videos to get some aerobics and weight training as well as dragging out my old Nordic Track. And I did get the 30 Day Shred for my birthday. But but but.....the fellowship. Ahhh, the fellowship. I will miss those dear women!

:::sniff sniff:::

Tammy ~@~


stephseef said...

The Shred. You'll never be the same! It's hard on the knees, but good for everything else.

I was a Curves member for awhile, too -- but didn't have the same great experience you did, so I'll just leave it at that.

BUT I love hearing pieces of your life, and picturing you 8 months pregnant AT YOUR SON'S WEDDING gave me one of the biggest giggles I've giggled in a VERY long time. Love to you!!!

stephseef said...

PS. PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE post a picture from that wedding!!!!!!

mom said...

LOL, Steph! You are so funny! I'll have to see if I have a decent picture to scan and crop and post...

Sorry to hear that you didn't have a good Curves experience and unfortunately others have told me that, too. Maybe part of it for me is being in a small town? I dunno? In the meantime, The Shred is still in cellophane on my desk...hee hee!

Tammy ~@~

Dot O said...

Tammy, Hi!! I am slowly starting to catch up. Wow, 8 months pregnant at your son's wedding!!! Like Steph requested, please dig out a photo.

Sorry to hear you had to leave Curves, but I'm sure you'll be able to maintain that healthy way of life without going there.

I hope you are well otherwise. Now, I must go back and re-read. I don't know what "The Shred" is....

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