Saturday, October 10

malaise maneuvering

This is the wonderful big pumpkin we've watched grow all summer and which I fortunately pulled off the vine a couple days ago since it had fully ripened because.....

.....this morning we woke up to blowin' and snowin' which means all the other pumpkins in the patch are now well covered with a layer of snow. Yes, at the moment, the ground is white. On the 10th of October.

This seems to add to my general feeling of malaise this morning.


Can we talk quilts? The motivation for completing the quilt for my grandson was so that it would be finished in time for Amy's Fall Quilt Festival
And it was. In fact, on Monday of this week I took the quilt to the post office and sent if off priority mail.signature Those three expenses were necessary since the post office lost this sweet baby's handmade Christmas stocking as well as a bunch of other treasures for him and his sister that were sent last December. Yup, lost and never to be found. Guess what? They still haven't received the package. Only six hours away from here and they still haven't received it. At least I can track it this time and know that it's been sitting in the same post office for a few days. Grrrrrr! My daughter-in-law has speculated that the person who has the baby's Christmas stocking saw my package come through and has scored again! Okay, well it does help to have some humor to help with the frustration.

Can we talk quilts again? Last night while waiting for a phone call before bed, I was clicking on several links posted on Amy's Fall Quilt Festival and was mesmerized. Talk about detailed. Talk about intricate. Talk about fabric. Talk about piecing. Talk about amazing machine quilting like I've never seen before. Talk about complete quilt delight! WOW! If you enjoy quilts at all, please spend some time clicking through the assortment of quilts in this festival. And as I was putting my computer to sleep last night, the thought occurred to me....what in the world was I thinking to enter a quilt in this festival? Suddenly somehow simple block handmade hand quilted and tied seemed totally inadequate.

Can we stop talking about quilts? How about another topic adding to my malaise this morning? At the end of the summer I entered an article for the Oct/Nov/Dec fall magazine edition of Heart of the Matter Online which was to come out this week. Only it doesn't appear that a fall edition came out, but instead many of the articles were published this week on the main site and I was delighted to see mine! The delight has rapidly waned as the article looks a bit - or a LOT - out of place being published on its own in mid-October - although this morning it appears to be totally appropriate for anyone like myself living in snow country - because the article is about CHRISTMAS COOKIES. If you dare to think ahead to DECEMBER and need a challenge, go read my article Only One a Day

Adding to the general malaise is the general reality of being behind in everything - school corrections, business bookwork, ironing, seasonal clothes changeover, processing all the end of the garden food, housecleaning, and the list goes on.

And then this morning....I picked up a book. Let me back up a day or two. When a sudden end of the week decision was made to have my husband drive my son's vehicle down to him, I spent much time on the phone with my son as I went through a few containers of his *stuff* and he told me what he wanted brought down. The most fascinating part was going through the container of his books. He has a large collection of theology books and he picked several he desired to have back in his possession. Army Ranger who reads theology books in his downtime.

When I closed the container up last night, a small green older book caught my eye. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis which was published in 1940. After glancing through it, I brought it upstairs to my bedroom with hopes of starting at the beginning when I had some reading time.

And then this morning, I picked up this book. I haven't gotten far into this small book filled with mighty words, but there is absolutely no doubt that God placed it within my vision in a storage box for such a time as this. I wouldn't even know where to begin to share a quote or two as I'd have to quote the entire book. A book that was written by a man who had handwritten the entire Bible four times and whose simple common life was devoted to being a follower of Christ.

It is quite difficult to stay in a state of malaise with feelings of frustration and inadequacy when focus is placed where it should be....OFF the world and centered ON Almighty God! Praise God for a timely glimpse of His perspective!

May your garden day be snow-free and God-full!

Tammy ~@~


stephseef said...

Thomas a Kempis! Well Tammy, that's downright... LITURGICAL of you!!!!


good stuff. hope you love it!!!


Angela said...

Wow, what a pumpkin. It has to feel good that you can grow it yourself! How awesome! I'm feeling much better, thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.


mom said...

Oh my, it is good stuff - an understatement for sure! - Steph!

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better, Angela!

This morning it's 24 degrees out and I'm quite certain my carrots are shivering in their garden bed. More snow predicted for tomorrow :::sigh:::

Tammy ~@~

teachinmom said...

An Army Ranger reading theology....there is still hope for the free world....what an awesome blessing....

Imitation is a hard beating around the bush.

Letitia said...

I saw your Christmas cookie article, and never once thought about it being out of place. Many, unlike me : ), begin their planning now!

I can't believe you have SNOW!

It's so easy to get focused on the cares of this life, instead of the provider of this life. Glad you found the book in God's perfect timing.

mom said...

I cannot imagine beginning Christmas planning already, but your comment prompted me to pick up a small red notebook with snowflakes on it, so perhaps I will slowly begin this process. But I think if I began baking already there'd be less success this early since it would all be eaten by December! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

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