Tuesday, October 27

a moment of prayer

Although I know that our world already abounds with prayer requests, can I share one with you today?

Last winter God brought into my life a dear woman who loves and serves the Lord wholeheartedly with a personality that shines for Him. My life has been enriched through the short time I have known her and even now when I think about her it's easy to recall her warm hugs and big smile.

For several years she has been dealing with health issues associated with the diagnosis of MS, yet this fall her health has become even more challenging as she has been hit hard by other medical concerns. A note I received today stated that she is going through a time of great discouragement.

My heart was prompted to write a note to stick in the mail to her as well as persevering in prayer. And then I thought....why not have others overwhelm her in prayer today, too? You can never receive too much prayer, can you?

So would you please take a moment right now to pray that God would overwhelm Brenda with His love clearly showing her signs of encouragement and care that could only come from Him? That His healing hand would lighten the burden of her health on this day?

Thank you for blessing my friend Brenda in this way! I KNOW she will praise God as He answers!

Tammy ~@~


Rhonda said...

Brenda be blessed in the name of Jesus!

mom said...

Thanks, Rhonda!

Tammy ~@~

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