Wednesday, October 21

naming favorites time

It's that wonderful time of the year again when The Homeschool Post has its annual awards for homeschool blogs.

For me, it really is perfect timing. The late fall is perhaps the dreariest time of the year here. The woods is gray, the skies are gray, the temperature is cool, the weather is often rainy, the days are shortening and darkening, and let's just say that for someone who loves sunny and warm it can be a very disheartening season to get through on a daily basis.

And then the Homeschool Blog Awards come along and I have something to keep me busy and distracted for a couple of weeks to quicken the passage of this season! It is so much fun when the voting begins and with 25 categories there are so many homeschool blogs to browse.

But, I'm getting way ahead of myself. First comes the nominating process which began on Monday (the 19th) and runs through Friday, October 30th. The form to nominate blogs is much simpler for both nominators and the staff at HSBA to use this year.

The main change for this year is that you can nominate a blog for only one category which keeps families like mine from their sweet children nominating their mom for almost all the categories AND it takes three nominations in a category to make it to the voting round.

And no, you don't have to be a homeschooler to nominate a blog for these awards. You just have to be a reader who enjoys reading a particular blog and would love to bless them with an award!

Soooo, what are you waiting for? Go check out all the details about the awards at The Homeschool Post with information about nominating your favorites right HERE When you're ready to nominate and have the specific information ready, hit the special button on the top of the page and it will take you right to the form where you'll need to enter the name and URL for the categories you are nominating (Example:
Tammy @ Garden Glimpes/ URL - It's easy to do!

Have fun!

Tammy ~@~


Nezzy said...

Great luck on your Homeschool blog! My lovely DIL homeschools her four brilliant perfect children. (' can't help it, it's the grandma in me) I am a retired educator and am awe of you brave ladies.

May the Lord fill your day with many blessings!

mom said...

She is very fortunate to have a supportive and encouraging person like you in her life, Nezzy!

Tammy ~@~

Angela said...

I voted for you in the encourager blog category. You have encouraged me so much-truly I can't tell you what a gift from God you were and are! Thanks so much for that!


mom said...

Aww, thanks, Angela! You've encouraged me with YOUR words! {{{Angela}}}

Tammy ~@~

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