Saturday, October 3

ohhhh, what a combooo

High temperatures in the 40's. A 60% chance of rain showers continuing from yesterday. Soccer tournament for my girls. First game of the morning. Me.

Ohhhhh, not a good combination. I confess....I'm a wimp.

Long underwear, winter boots, mittens, an umbrella, and hot coffee will all be my best friends when we arrive there in thirty minutes.

May your Saturday be a better combination than mine!

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Letitia said...

ewwww......and, I've been feeling sorry for myself because it's only been around 70 for a high! We're used to 4 seasons here, and I missed not having those upper 70's for a few weeks!

I didn't intentionally drop off the face of the blog planet. I hope all is well in your lovely home!

ValleyGirl said...

Well, the weather sounds about the same, but any outdoor venturing I do will be purely voluntary. Stay warm!!! (jump up and down and cheer lots ~ that'll help! Just remember to put the coffee down first!!!)

Nezzy said...

Uckky! It's been 34 with some frost on the ground the past two mornings. I gave in and pulled out the leggin's this morn.

Have a great time cheering the team on! God bless

mom said...

Letitia, it is so good to see you and no, you aren't allowed to complain about 70 degrees on my blog! LOL!

Tammi, I was hoping you'd say that it's really warm by you and you'd be sending it my way. Oh well :::sigh::: I was too cold to jump up and down! LOL!

I only have the diehard flowers still gracing my porch as well as the last bit of things left in the garden.

We all survived the soccer games with one girl bringing home 5th place in her age group and the other one bringing home a FIRST place trophy for her age group! Woo hoo! Right after the awards were presented a cloud of rain went over and everyone ran to their cars. Perfect timing! God is good!

Tammy ~@~

Kimmie said...

40!! Wow, that is a bit brisk...glad you didn't get rained on, as surely you would have been nearing popsicle state. It hasn't been that cold here yet, though I better harvest the basil tomorrow!

I did fall switch over for us...yikes, what an adventure!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

Kimmie, you are a brave mom. I've only just begun the fall switch over and will need to get back to that project next week...

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