Saturday, October 31

a power change

Remember my post from yesterday about NOT liking such dark mornings?

Ummm, how about dark evenings?

I was able to experience both yesterday, MUCH to my dismay!

When my husband was talking about the need to go up to our cabin at the end of the week to pull all the docks for winter, after a tad bit of encouragement from me, he agreed to take the kids with him for an overnight. Imagine my immense delight! Several hours of a quiet house all to myself!

When they left home mid-afternoon yesterday, my first task was to get the kitchen in order so I could settle on my own personal cleaning tasks such as MY BEDROOM and DESK which are both overdue in getting straightened. So, with the windows open on such an unusually balmy but blustery day, the dishes were washed, the countertop clutter was put away, the kitchen floors were vacuumed and washed, the dogs were fed as well as myself eating a sandwich, and as I was starting to work on completing an article due for deadline the phone rang. After chatting with a son for a few moments, suddenly there was a loud explosive BANG! The dogs both barked and the lights went off. Complete darkness surrounded me. A nearby power line had quite evidently become a victim of the winds that had become much stronger after supper time.


Fumbling through the darkness to the working phone in my bedroom, I called our power company to report the outage and slowly maneuvered around the room to locate my flashlight and then candles. It didn't take long to realize that all the plans I had made for the evening were worthless. Either the plans needed electricity in order to run the vacuum or scrub down a bathroom OR they needed good light to sort through papers or work with fabric.


After a couple of hours of attempting this or that, I decided I may as well head to bed as there'd be no warm bubble bath available to finish my night.

During the night I was awoken by startled dogs and a loud truck coming down our driveway. Turning around by the house, the utility truck went back down our driveway stopping about halfway to the road (we have a longish driveway) and proceeded to get their spotlights and chainsaws working. About twenty or so minutes later, the house came back to life with a crackle. After making the rounds through the house to turn things back off which had been suddenly extinguished with the power outage, the realization hit me.

No one else in the neighborhood had been without power which would be why I could a scattered light here or there through the dark woods. Because of the obvious location of the problem, our house was singled out by the tree that fell on the line.

And I crawled back into bed with this verse on my mind:

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." ~ Proverbs 19:21

It is moments like this that I realize how selfish I can be. Yup,
having several hours of a quiet house all to myself as I made my plans were perhaps not the Lord's purpose for that time. Why would they be? He wasn't even penciled into my plans until today for an extended morning devotional time.

Talk about a reality check! It's not about God serving me. Ever. HE is the great awesome Almighty God and Creator of all things. To bring glory to Him as His child means having a servant's heart toward Him. Always. And to desire and seek relationship with Him. Continually.

Hopefully as the weather has changed with the roar of the wind as yesterday's blustery balmy has turned into today's blustery snowy, my heart attitude has also made a dramatic change.

"Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed." ~ Proverbs 16:2

Off to see what the Lord's purposes may be for me today amidst the continuing flickering lights now that I have spent time with Him, time with you, and can get busy on tasks before my family arrives back home this afternoon.

May God grab your attention in a powerful way in your garden today!

Tammy ~@~

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