Tuesday, October 13

running in circles

Remember back in September when I wrote about the little black dog in the front of this picture in a post called Stella's smile?

Now can I tell you about the bigger black dog standing behind her named Cooper? He's my oldest daughter's dog and was adopted by her this summer through a dog rescue agency. A very thorough dog rescue agency who called me as a reference as I told about my daughter's growing up years of responsibility and care of her own dog Rosie to assure them she'd love this dog, too. He's a black lab - great dane mix who is estimated to be around two years old and whose happy personality around his family is witnessed by being the best pal of my little granddaughter. He came with some eating issues being unable to handle the grains found in regular dog food; some dog issues being unable to walk by other dogs without straining on the leash to gruff them in a big way; and some leaping issues as he flies high to grab crab apples off the highest branches of the tree. In other words, he's got character like most of the pets that we've had in our family through the years.

So why write about him this morning? Well, yesterday when my husband was picked up from the airport, also in the car was my youngest daughter, my oldest daughter, my granddaughter, and Cooper. The last minute plans of an airport run allowed them the opportunity to come home for a few days in advance of the weekend when some other family will be coming home which will include my daughter's husband to take them back to their home. It was indeed an interesting ride home with Cooper's antics.

But that's not what I'm writing about either.

It's about the smile that goes on my face each time Cooper comes to visit Grandma's house. As soon as he jumps out of the vehicle, off he goes to run big huge circles. Around the house. Around the yard. Around the garage. Around the field. Around anything he can go around. He is so so happy to be off his city leash and to be free to run in circles at Grandma's house! Could anything be more wonderful?

It reminds me of being a young girl and arriving at my grandma's house. Leaping out the car to run into her house. Up the stairs to the bedrooms. Into the living room by the piano. Out on the sunny porch where the little rocking chair was kept. Outside to climb the big tree in the backyard. Into the kitchen to find cookies. Running circles around her house! Could anything be more wonderful?

As Cooper already loves to come here, I'm beginning to watch my own grandchildren grow big enough to have a recognition of grandma's house when they arrive. To run to the dolls and dress-up clothes. To run out to the sandbox where the play dishes stack and dump trucks park. To run into the garden to eat fresh peas. To run out to the big garage where bikes and scooters and skates are kept. To run down to the lake to slide on the ice or swim along the dock. Running in circles at grandma's house! Could anything be more wonderful?

And someday I think we'll experience that same feeling when we reach our heavenly home. Running in circles with exhilarating JOY in the presence of God! Could anything be more wonderful?

Until then, may your earthly home be a place where those who visit love to run in circles of delight!

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Chris Worthy said...

So true!! What a wonderful post!

Angela said...

This made me smile and tear up, feeling emotional this week for sure but it is not bad emotion, just in awe of Gods greatness! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post, you have such a gift of writing down your stories, how great that is!


mom said...

{{{{{Angela}}}}} I'm sure that your children have wonderful memories of visiting their grandma, too! Thankfully those memories do bring smiles with the tears!

Tammy ~@~

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