Monday, October 19

simple woman's daybook for October 19

For today October 19

Outside my window.....
it's partly cloudy waking up this morning, but the weather is suppose to clear a bit with highs in the 50's.

I am thinking.....that I'm finally feeling ready for the colder weather to set in and to get focused on indoor things. It has helped to complete many outdoor projects this weekend, especially with the garden. It brings with it a sense of peace.

I am thankful older children who like to come home for visits!

I am flowered flannel bathrobe and need to jump into the shower to start my day.

I am hearing.....the dog bark out in the yard as my brother-in-law arrives for work.

I am attempting to create.....a wreath from the vines from my garden kiwi plants that we trimmed yesterday.

I am plant garlic cloves in my garden today.

I am reading.....The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

I am remembering.....simpler days when all my children were little and still at home. It's much harder on a mother's heart when they are away from home with prayer needs that could use a mother's hug.

I am hoping.....
to start writing in the little red with white snowflakes notebook that I bought for a dollar as I begin thinking about Christmas.

On my how important it is to be praying praying praying for our children as life is a spiritual battle where the enemy would love to get a foothold and pull them down. May our children be strong and courageous standing firmly on their faith!

From the learning rooms.....there will be some catch-up this week.

Noticing that.....the woods is looking more bare these days as the leaves begin their falling like rain process.

Pondering these words...."Too many times we make marriage all about work and forget that God created us in marriage to experience joy and laughter. Our relationship shouldn't be just hard work. We need a good balance." ~ Ginger Kolbaba

From the kitchen.....
we will NOT be having desserts for awhile after a week of rich nightly desserts prepared by my oldest daughter which have resulted in an additional three or four pounds!

Around the house.....are little signs of a granddaughter's visit.

One of my favorite the scent of a warm fall day as you work outdoors.

A few plans for the rest of the week....birthdays for two family members, Bible study midweek, some stitchery I've been working on, garden tilling, and maybe playing with some quilting as I'd like to learn how to applique.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

Here's a picture of my recent onion harvest. I should have put something next to this wire basket to indicate its size, but it's as big as a bushel basket. There are three layers - white onions, red onions, and yellow onions. Typically I put my onions into a string veggie bag and hang them in my downstairs food pantry, but there are obviously way too many onions to do that this year. I'll have to figure out something....and soon!

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Have a great day!

Tammy ~@~


Jerralea said...

I totally agree with what you said for "On my how important it is to be praying praying praying for our children as life is a spiritual battle where the enemy would love to get a foothold and pull them down." I've been recently getting more serious about praying for spiritual victory in my daughters' lives.

Looks like a good onion harvest. How long do they stay good in a string bag?

honeysuckle said...

Looks like you'll be having a lot of French Onion Soup in the future! What a harvest. I didn't know you could plant garlic at this time of the year-thanks for the info. Have a great week!

mom said...

Jerralea, good for you! Prayer is such a powerful tool that we too often overlook. It's one thing the enemy can never take away from us.

My food pantry stays reasonably cool so they will keep until next gardening season, although typically we use them up before then.

I've never tried French Onion soup before...I wonder if my picky eaters would like it?

Garlic is planted here in the fall, however I don't know what the recommendation is for different parts of the country. It may sprout through the ground yet this fall, but for the most part will be covered by a heavy layer of snow until next spring when it starts to more officially grow.

Tammy ~@~

Lisa said...

I've been learning too how important prayer is for my family but also for them to learn how to pray by their parents modeling that. It's hard to be a praying kid if you don't see your parents praying. At least that has been what I've been convicted of the past few months.

A Gracious Home said...

The picture of your onions is beautiful. I bet they are tasty. I love looking around the house and seeing signs my grands have visited. I love to smell my youngest grandson's hat. I'm glad your children have a praying mom. God bless, Doylene

Anonymous said...

Beautiful daybook entry! I've enjoyed my visit this afternoon. That sounds like a lot of onions. I'm sure that homegrown are far nicer, too!


mom said...

Lisa, excellent point about setting an example for our children when it comes to prayer!

It seems that my garden onions are similar to my garden radishes with much HOTTER flavor than anything store bought. Tears really stream down my face when I cut into them even using various tricks to not cry.

Tammy ~@~

randi---i have to say said...

Awesome onions! Ours didn't grow well this year, but I hope to get more next year.

I love the marriage quote. I have been all about doing the "hard work" lately (which is good and necessary), but I need to take time to enjoy too. Thanks for the reminder.

mom said...

I usually don't have much of an onion harvest, so this year really was exceptional! I do hope I'll be able to store them well enough to keep them in good condition throughout the months ahead.

Tammy ~@~

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