Monday, October 5

simple woman's dayboook for October 5

For today October 5th

Outside my window.....
it's a gray cool morning with rain in the forecast.

I am thinking.....about a quieter week ahead FINALLY!

I am thankful for.....another year of life and good health.

I am black exercise pants and a white t-shirt having just come back from Curves.

I am hearing.....the sound of my husband's dump truck warming up out by his garage as he prepares to head to work for the day.

I am creating.....every single recipe that I glanced through in my new Taste of Home magazine yesterday. Yes, they are still being created in my mind but they are ohhhhh, so good! LOL!

I am the post office today as hopefully I will have a package ready to go in the mail.

I am continuing to read.....through the book of John.

I am remembering.....some of the antics of my children when they were little as I listened to an older family video yesterday while I was quilting.

I am hoping.....
to get my downstairs food pantry organized this week as I've been stocking up on various dry goods.

On my knowing that I need to finish the seasonal clothes change over with my girls as there's still piles of sorted clothes on their bedroom floor. Why is this is a difficult chore to stick with and complete?

From the learning rooms.....I'll be catching up on correcting the girls schooling as I'm way behind with them.

Noticing that.....although the woods has a lot of color, there are still a lot of pockets of green leaves yet. It's been odd how the trees have been progressing this fall. Did the dry summer or warm fall play a role in that?

Pondering these words....that came in an email this morning - "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Robert Brault

From the kitchen.....
I may have to bake my favorite cake today!

Around the house.....are little snippings of thread from my quilting.

One of my favorite kissing Fuzzababy, Fluffa, and Pinkie goodnight before I kiss my littlest as I tuck them all into bed each night.

A few plans for the rest of the week....birthday celebration, Bible study midweek, downloading a boatload of pictures off my camera, finishing some stitchery I've been working on, and getting caught up on ironing.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.....

Our crabapple tree is LOADED with crabapples this fall. I think my granddaughter and her pooch need to come back to grandma's house since they both LOVE to eat these tart treats! Anyone have any good simple recipes for these beauties?

Thank you for stopping and visiting my daybook today. If you'd like to read other daybooks or perhaps do one yourself, stop over to Peggy's at Simple Woman's Daybook today.

Have a great day!

Tammy ~@~


Jerralea said...

I love watching videos of my kids when they were little. I wish I had taken much more videos then ...

I totally know how you feel on changing over the clothes for another season. I always put it off and then I'm really needing either a coat for cool weather, or capris for summer ...

I've never tasted a crabapple ... do you make jelly out of them?

lori said...

Tammy! Good morning! I wanted to let you know that you won a copy of Sister Lisa's e book on blogging with young girls. If you could let me know your email, (for some reason I can't access it from your profile) I'll get it to her and she'll get you your ebook!!

That's a nice way to begin a Monday! WINNING!


lori said...

Tammy! Never mind on the email, I got it and I'll send it off to Lisa now!

Congratulations from HSBA!

Mrs. E. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend! I'm glad your birthday week will be a bit quieter. I hope you get to make your favorite cake! :)
{{{birthday hug}}}

mom said...

Jerralea, you can make jelly out of them, but from the recipes I've seen it takes a lot of crabapples and a lot of SUGAR!

Oh, yay! How fun to have won something today! I can't wait to get this ebook! (can you tell I'm excited?!)

Awww, thanks, Heather :-) I'm going to show the girls how to make my cake this afternoon.

Tammy ~@~

Nezzy said...

Beautiful post and beautiful picture. I'm going to go check out my crab apple tree.

Have a super fun Monday filled with blessings!

keri said...

Yes, I'm sure they would both love to come visit you and your crabapple tree. Ours are pretty much all full of spots and worms now, and Cooper has already stripped all of the lower branches and can't jump any higher to get more. lol! Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

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