Friday, October 23

writing with purpose

While I was waiting for the fire in the woodburner to get going last evening, I picked up a book that was in that room. Sitting down, I read for only a bit and then stopped to ponder this paragraph.

"The only book that should ever be written is one that flows up from the heart, forced out by the inward pressure. When such a work has gestated within a man it is almost certain that it will be written. The man who is thus charged with a message will not be turned back by any blase' consideration. His book will be to him not only imperative, it will be inevitable." A.W.Tozer

Perhaps the reason it made me stop was that one of the catalogs in my growing pile that I had been browsing through recently was from Christian Book Distributors. Their catalogs frequently have a section of "favorite authors" which provides a long listing of their books. Often these authors will have books with similar titles and themes. Many times I've wondered if these books came from a message or story that flowed from their heart and couldn't be repressed, but needed to be told by the pen in their hand? Or if these books were written by the push of publisher who demanded an author fulfill a contract deadline which caused the author to use filler and twaddle to complete the book?

It's a curious thing, isn't it? How many writers of today really write because they cannot NOT write? (I know, you aren't suppose to put two negatives in the same sentence, but I couldn't resist doing that for this sentence!)

Ahhhh, but then I took this a step further than what Tozer was thinking because his time was before the internet.

Could this same concept also be applied to blog writers? How many of us write because we have a message or a story or a craft or a tutorial or an idea that is bursting to get out of us and be shared with others? Or is it more of an implied pressure to write daily or frequently using filler and twaddle to do the task?

I know....sometimes I think too much, don't I? LOL!

Sooooo, if my blog suddenly drops off the face of the internet at least you'll know it's for one of two reasons - either I decided my writing was twaddle OR I'm spending time reading authors who wrote books that were not only imperative, but inevitable.....

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Jennifer said...

Good food for thought. I sometimes feel guilty if I go through a "dry spell" with my blog, but those are simply times when I really have nothing of value to share. Thanks for the encouragement to go for quality over quantity. :)

ValleyGirl said...

Definitely something to think about! I think your reasons at the end of this post are pretty much the same reasons my own blog writing has dwindled a bit this month. I am doing so much more reading and learning than ever before in my adult life and a lot of times, I think another reason I don't write is because I can't decide WHAT to write ~ there's too much swirling around in my head and I can't narrow it down!!!

Kimmie said...

Hmm, well I love reading your blog. You have been a real friend to me and have helped me through some deep things of God.

I am not sure if what I write is twaddle, probably...but my true hope is to be a light in the world and to use my words (and life) to draw others to Him. I think that happens when God allows relationships to takes time, but boy the Kingdome work to be done.

I hope you won't drop off...even if you begin to read some wonderful good books...that flow from their heart to yours.

I am so sick of getting a book and finding it says nothing. It happens too often and especially sad when it is from Christian authors.

((I love you))

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