Wednesday, November 18

always a season

Have I mentioned that I really enjoy the current season? Ohhh, you thought I was going to say autumn, didn't you? No, it's a season that comes twice a year to our location and can be enjoyed late winter/early spring and late fall/early winter. It's commonly known in our neck of the woods as the "OFF SEASON".

We live in a wonderfully woodsy many laked location with four vibrant season which draws vacationers and second home owners. EXCEPT during the off season. Those two brief times of the year is when suddenly you only bump into locals everywhere you go. Short encounters of a greeting, perhaps a hug, smiles, and a short conversation. I LOVE it! And it is greatly enhanced on days when the sun is shining :-)

Thinking about the fact our family has always lived in the same house same location, I feel immensely blessed having moved frequently growing up. My children all have strong roots as they leave their home in the woods.....and travel to large cities to live. Talk about a contrast!

And more recently that contrast has been mentioned again as an older one has talked with me about having grown up isolated from the bigger world around them. Viewing the general morals up close has been a very revealing and rather disappointing look at the culture of our country. As their eyes are opened to the temptations that abound and the depth of sin, it comes with the realization of how differently they've been raised. We may have talked about a lot of it as they were growing up, but now they are witnessing firsthand the darkness of sin in the world around them.

It always brings me back to parenting techniques and raising my children in a more isolated world. The right thing or the wrong thing? Good or bad? Too protective or not?

At this point with God's grace covering all my parenting blunders, I'd have to say yes. Good thing. With four children living out in the cities and a fifth revving his engines to leave, I see young adults who have remained solid in their faith. Instead of being drawn into the temptations of the world, they have recognized the foolishness of man and have chosen to stay on a godly path. Their home environment did not impart personalities of isolation, but quite the contrary as that security allowed them to develop an outgoing confidence which results in friendliness and helpfulness to others as well as loyalty to those they love. Ohhhh, lest you think they are perfect, they're not and have areas of their life to work on just like everyone else. And lest you think I have this parenting thing all figured you, I don't. Each child presents new parenting challenges I've never encountered before so I spend plenty of time blundering my way through it. And hopefully in the process, loving them like the Lord loves me.....

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the off season out and about our little spot in the woods as well as enjoy the parenting season in and about my home!

Enjoy your garden day whatever the season!

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Learning At Our House said...

We don't live in the "woods" like you do, but I do try to keep my children "protected." I, too, have spent time pondering if I am doing the right thing. I feel in my heart that I am, and it is nice to know that there is someone else out there who did and doesn't regret it! Thanks for the encouraging post!


mom said...

All by the grace of God I go....

So far so good, yet plenty of praying ahead for the five still at home!

Tammy ~@~

Letitia said...

Lots of similarities here! We, too, live in a tourist extremely crowded tourist town.....millions of visitors a year. We, too, love those small reprieves. Times when you can go to the store without traffic jams, can get through the store in a relatively "normal" amount of time, etc.

We also live tucked back in a small out of the way, quiet neighborhood in the woods, where the houses are spread out, and we have few outside influences as they grow up.

I, too, have those times of wondering if we've done the right thing being sheltered. I think that wonder usually comes from two things....comparing our life to other homeschoolers and what they're doing, and seeing my daughter living in the world now. She is so unaware (and now being made aware) of so many things good and bad. I think the most of the things I think she has "missed out on" are really not all that important anyway, and the life she lived growing up made her the innocent, Godly woman she is today. I wouldn't change a thing.

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