Saturday, November 21

changing movie times

Although movie rental places in our town have come and gone through the years, there's been two main ones that have been here from the beginning. Early on we decided not to patronize one of them because they had an area in their store that contained movies with an end of the alphabet rating.

We aren't heavy movie watchers, but tend to randomly stop to see what's new or perhaps when we need a movie because the weather is keeping us confined indoors.

Honestly, I rarely watch movies throughout the year because my they tend to be the type the older guys of our family like or the ones the younger girls gravitate toward. Plus it's hard for me to justify regularly taking a couple of hours to just sit. I'm a mom, after all, and can find lots of other things to do with a couple of hours.

Until hunting season.

Then the girls and I walk up and down the aisles as I find mom kind of movies to rent in order to get my movie fix for the year.

And what a surprise greeted us last night when we walked into the movie store to see signs up stating they were permanently closing at the end of the month!

As someone who really doesn't like change, I guess it may be time to consider alternatives.

There are a couple of Red Box spots in town now, so we would be able to rent new releases that way. And I suppose we could actually check out Net Flix as an option. Plus there's always our public library that gives us access to movies.

But quite honestly, I'm going to miss walking up and down the aisles at the local movie store often stumbling upon some good movies by accident as I stop to read back after back of each movie. It'll be harder to do that with the options now available....


Perhaps I could go with another option when I get a hankering for a movie by watching one of the movies we already own. Seriously, I don't think I could ever watch Pride and Prejudice too many times or would find ever find watching the Anne of Green Gables series a burden.

May you enjoy this weekend in your garden whatever the entertainment may be!

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Learning At Our House said...

I have to confess that we watch a LOT of movies in my house. It probably has something to do with the awesome movie room that my husband built in our!

I wanted to drop my two cents in here and tell you what I think of Netflix. We have been using Netflix for about a year or so now, and I can't say enought great things about the service. You mentioned "walking up and down the isles" to randomly find good movies. Netflix has an unbelievable selection of movies!

I have not only found some great movies for myself that I don't think I would have found in the movie rental store, but I have found a great number of educational videos for my boys as well. Sometimes a video helps to paint the picture a little better about something we are studying in our lessons.

The convenience of Netflix is like no other. I am always amazed at how fast I recieve my next movie once I put the previous one in the mailbox. It always arrives in just two or three short days! I think I am paying about $11 a month for unlimited movies per month. There are other plans if you happen to watch more than that amount.

Okay, I truly DO NOT work for! I just really wanted to share my thoughts because I really like the service.


ChiGirl said...

MOM!!!! (whiney voice) I want to come up and watch P&P and Anne this week!!! Sniff sniff sniffing in Chicago....

mom said...

Amy, I think you SHOULD work for Netflix as you'd make a good commission on your review! Thanks for taking the time to give me your input. Do you do all your movie shopping online or is there an actual print catalog available?

Tammy ~@~

mom said...

Rumor has it that we may get UP for the big after Thanksgiving girls weekend. Of course, maybe the hunting will be so bad before then that the guys will stay home which will squash all our plans. We can always watch P & P or Anne during the next big bash which really isn't that far away when you look at the calendar :::thud:::

Love you,

Angela said...

We LOVE netflex too, another nice thing is you can watch a preview of the movie once you click on it if you want. It helps to give you a feel of what the movie is about. My kids just watched Duma last night, they loved it and I can keep it as long as I want. You can even get movies for school, we are doing creation to the greek and just finished the story of Abraham that our curriculum recommends.


stephseef said...

Tammy, the thing that's super great about Netflix [among all the great things about Netflix] is the crazy fast shipping. Plus, we've been taking major advantage of their movies streaming online - you can watch an unlimited number of those [even simultaneously on two different computers!] along with receiving DVD's at home. It's been really fun for us. I don't think they'd ever do a print catalog because their inventory is changing SO MUCH that they wouldn't be able to keep up.

As for Redbox, I LOVE it. I use it in conjunction with Netflix - this week 'Up' came out on DVD and it would have taken [gasp] a day or two to received it from Netflix.. so since I was going to Walgreens anyway, I checked the Redbox, it had 'Up', and it cost me a whole dollar to watch it. Frankly, we end up using Netflix for BBC serials and series more than movies, and if there's a movie we want RIGHT.NOW. Redbox usually has it.

Go for it! :)


teachinmom said...

Our library lets you keep movies for 7 whole days. They have tons of oldies/goodies like nearly all the Jane Austen, etc. Btw, I just finished my own Anne mini-marathon myself. I happen to own the videos, but they are getting scratchy and might need to be upgraded to DVDs...have fun.

mom said...

Thank you all for your input! When we returned our movies today, there was a new sign up at the movie rental place. They are still permanently closing, but not until the beginning of January instead of the end of November. So, I guess we still have some time to think about our choices.

Tammy ~@~

Chris Worthy said...

I second Redbox. If you wouldn't get your money's worth from Netflix (we would not -- at least during the school year), Redbox is a great option.

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