Friday, November 13

a fabric break

Can we take a break for a moment and talk quilting? I've been busy cutting and sewing a baby quilt over the last week or so and wanted to stop and tell you about an exciting package I received in the mail last week.

It all began back in April when Randi mentioned a Spring Quilt Festival over at Amy's and I entered my grandma's butterfly quilt in the festival. When the Fall Quilt Festival came around last month, I entered a quilt that I made for my grandson which I called grandma's sunny woods. It was such fun both times visiting all the quilt links of participants, but the bonus this fall was winning one of the participating comment prizes! Woo hoo! A $25 gift certificate at Pink Chalk Fabrics

What fun! I looked and looked and looked and looked through her fabrics and could not narrow down my choices. Finally, the decision was made to chose an eclectic collection of my very favorites and yes, I did go a tad bit over my $25.

The package arrived quickly after I ordered and required dancing around the kitchen before actually opening it.

The ten fabrics were very nicely bundled together as I slowly took them out one by one.

A couple of boy designs, a few bold flower prints, a very fun paisley print, and several pink flowered fabrics. And please excuse the picture which does NOT do the fabrics justice as it was raining out when they arrived and I had to take an evening indoor picture which unfortunately yellows them from the lighting. Instead, please take my word as trustworthy when I say that I love each one and have already put several into use on the baby quilt I'm currently sewing.

Okay, my fabric break here is over now and I need to do a bit of sewing this morning on a quilt top that is almost complete BEFORE my children are up and ready to start a new day of schooling!

Enjoy your day!

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Tina said...

You always amaze me at how much you get done BEFORE the family even gets up. . . and I love the fabric you picked out. Can't wait to see your new baby quilt :)

keri said...

What awesome patterns!!! Very cute. :)

mom said...

And I'm always amazed at how much other moms get done AFTER everyone is in bed at night, in other words, when *I'm* sleeping! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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