Friday, November 27

losing to gain

A busy family time here with many table conversations as well as people coming and going. The realization suddenly came that it's not Sunday - like it feels - but Friday and I hadn't yet blogged for the day. So, I grabbed my quotes journal and determined that I'd pick a quote of the day from the choices found on the two pages I opened. And I found a quote that fits many discussions over the last day or so, or at least it does in my mind....

"Sometimes the best gain is to lose." ~ George Herbert

Can you think of situations in your own life where this would be true?

Back to hanging out...

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ValleyGirl said...

Well, OBVIOUSLY, I feel that way about the weight-loss process!!

But in a much more meaningful way, I think of when we packed the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. I found myself kinda complaining about how much money each one cost, so I gave myself a short, sharp little pep talk there in the store and threw in a few extras because it is a blessing to have more than I really need. I want to live out the belief that I've been blessed to be a blessing.

So the loss in the pocketbook was gain ~ not only for two little children somewhere in a land faraway, but I found the experience to be quite rewarding after my attitude change as well!

(And then, of course, there's cleaning out and organizing storage areas ~ gettin' rid of STUFF & CLUTTER always feels good, too!!!)

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