Friday, November 6

the never ending season of life

As a gardener, I can always draw many parallels between life in my garden and the seasons of life.

A couple weeks ago after our garden was completely harvested, my youngest and I were busy planting again. This time, however, it was for a crop that would need a lengthy time to grow before being ready for harvest. My article over at Heart of the Matter Online today talks about The Long Season of Parenting as I considered the parallels of gardening and life once again. Take a moment to read, gather simple parenting tips to help you endure, and leave a comment!

Such good timing, too, as I was reminded yesterday of how parenting is extended way beyond the time when our children leave home. With other Americans around the country, I watched with shock as the tragedy unfolded at Fort Hood, Texas. Events like this have become much more significant in my life over the past year as I've become the mom of an army soldier. Slowly I've been learning about the sacrifice that soldiers and their families go through to serve their country and preserve freedom. As my heart fell into a rhythm of prayer for the rest of the day, it was interrupted in the late evening by another prayer need when my phone rang. Our college son was on his way to the ER giving me limited updates with a cell phone that went in and out. It was a relief to know before bed last night that he should recover without any problems.

Yes, our children grow up and leave home, but they are never ever far from our hearts or our prayers as we continue to be a part of their lives through the years!

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ValleyGirl said...

Yikes, yesterday was a very trying day for you! Glad to hear your son will be all right. Peace to you as you again conscientiously put your life and the lives of your children into His hands. It really is a continual process, isn't it?

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Karen said...

So very true! I'm glad that all are safe and sound...

mom said...

Yes,it is a continual process! I figure that once all my children have grown up and left home, my house will indeed be quiet because my days will be spent in prayer for all of them!


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