Friday, November 20

the ninth tale

Time to throw in a lighter post this week, eh?

Since my readers rarely make requests, I've been working hard to fulfill a request that came from my last circuit post back in October and which had this comment:

"PS. PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE post a picture from that wedding!!!!!!"

It took a while to find a couple of pictures that gave a good vantage point and which I could easily crop.

But wait a minute! You have to hear the story first!

Way back at the end of the summer of 2002, my oldest daughter convinced me to join Curves with her. It seemed to be a great way to finally get back into shape which is something I wanted to do before the wedding of our oldest son the next summer. We began working out and I was delighted to see results! For awhile. Within a couple of months I started gaining a little weight which seemed to coincide with a calendar whose numbers were beginning to blur as I kept count *if* I could keep my eyes open long enough to look at the calendar. A secretly taken pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions.

While keeping a secret stash of saltine crackers in my bedroom to prevent those who know me too well from discovering this news (and you know who you are!), it took myself awhile to absorb the news. It had been well over a year since I had gone through a summer long miscarriage process and in my mind I had resolved that perhaps my childbearing years were over. After all, I was over 44 years old and we had a wedding coming up. A wedding which would be ten days before my due date and a full day of travel away.

My breath was held until right before Thanksgiving when I connected with my doctor for a heartbeat check and ultrasound. Positive on both counts. It was now time to tell the family.

Have you ever had news that was tremendously exciting, yet may not be well received? This situation would be a perfect example of that as we shared the news of an upcoming baby to all of our family surrounding the Thanksgiving table. Too bad there wasn't a movie camera rolling to capture the varied reactions....

The months passed and the pregnancy progressed well as the wedding date came closer and closer. As we talked about the many options, soon a decision would need to be made. At my final appointment before the wedding, my doctor checked me and gave me the cold hard numbers - 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced - and I told her..."I'm going!" with complete peace in my heart.

A motorhome was secured for the drive and a good friend from the OB department of our local hospital provided me with an emergency childbirth kit as our travels would take us through areas of the country where hospitals were few and far between and she knew my history of fast labors and deliveries.

And off our family went to the wedding! What a wonderful event that I'm so glad I didn't miss as it was a beautiful occasion!

And it remained a beautiful occasion until I had contractions begin right after the ceremony.

I whispered the news to my husband and plopped down on a chair for the entire reception barely moving or eating or drinking.

After getting back to the hotel, getting the kids settled in the pool, and continuing to have contractions, the decision was made to head to the hospital to get checked. We borrowed someone's car - remember, we had traveled in a motorhome - and made the short jaunt over to the hospital where the exam confirmed the same results I had at my doctor's visit. Monitoring confirmed the contractions and they brought me the biggest styrofoam cup I've ever seen filled with ice water and told me I needed to DRINK. So, I drank and walked and drank some more and finally told my husband that I was so worn out from everything that I needed to lie back down. After a catnap and an empty cup, the contractions stopped.

Dehydration. I had hardly drank a drop the whole day of the wedding because I did not want to have to constantly be going to the bathroom which is typical of late pregnancy. I didn't want to be squirmy sitting through the wedding and I didn't want to be squirmy for the reception, so I just avoided drinking. WHAT WAS I THINKING? We made the decision to go back to the hotel for the rest of the night.

In the morning I felt fine, kept drinking, and we headed back home without a problem. That week my oldest daughter plopped me into a lawn chair and I supervised the planting of our garden. A few days later I kissed a couple children good-bye as they headed on a mission trip.

Nine days after the wedding and a day before her due date, my sweet ninth baby arrived in a labor that was very similar to my first one. A sweet nine pound, eight ounce bundle of joy who is still known as Lovey around here.

So, there you have it! That's my story - complete with a couple of verifying pictures - and I'm sticking to it.

May you have happy stories in your garden which are worthy of remembering with a smile!

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keri said... should have had a movie camera rolling that Thanksgiving!!!!! ;) And I'm very glad *I* was not aware of said "emergency childbirth kit"!!!! >:-O!!

What would we do without our sweet little Lovey. :)

ChiGirl said...

Wow!!! That filled in a few details for me too. I had the same reaction, Ker!! Emergency childbirth kit?!?! I've got a few more pix of you from that day...if you'd like to post those, too. :-D

I have to say, it meant SO much to have you there knowing what we did at the means even *MORE* to me now that I've been pregnant. You really ARE the best MIL in the world, and I love you!!!

Kimmie said...

Reading the comments and smiling, because I know how loved you are sweet friend.

What a fun remembrance and you just are so cute!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

stephseef said...

I'm SO GLAD I ASKED! what a joy to hear the inside scoop. You're one of my heroes, Tammy. And you looked gorgeous at the wedding!!!! :)

Nezzy said...

An emergency childbirth kit? This chick had quick labors and lives 60 miles from the nearest hospital, the Doc just told us to travel with a shower curtain. That's a man, not wanting to mess up a vehicles interior. You made such a cute pregnant gal1

Enjoy your weekend, may it be filled with blessings and time to enjoy them!!!

God bless.....:o)

Mrs. E. said...

I remember the P.S. request and was hoping you'd respond.
This is such a great story and I love the pictures.
Happy Weekend!

mom said...

Can you imagine Dad and Grandma having to use that emergency childbirth kit to deliver a baby along a field of corn in the middle of nowhere?! OY! The image of that does really make me laugh out loud!

And thanks for emailing me those pictures! I love the first one, too! Why didn't someone tell me to DRINK that water in my hand instead of just hold it for the little girls?!

Yes, what would we do without our sweet Lovey - the very favorite aunt to those babies :-)

Nezzy, you are much braver than me as honestly I would have ended up using that shower curtain with at least one of mine with a drive like that!

Mom/Tammy ~@~

Heasleye said...

Wow! That's a great story! Amazing! You're an inspiration, Tammy. :)


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