Tuesday, November 17

not really forgotten

My short term memory seems to be exactly that. Short term. Meaning that I don't remember a thing the instant later. It's even hard to pull up some long term memory items at times.

Yet, I'm relieved to find out that all memory has not been erased as I sometimes suspect, but it's stored in file folders in my brain that perhaps need a dusting now and then.

And I've been smiling over some recent dustings.

Like seeing the recent picture of my granddaughter standing on the kitchen table. I had forgotten how much kids love to climb! I recall the many toddlers that required us to stack the kitchen table chairs up against a wall to prevent them from immediately climbing up on the table whenever we weren't at the table. Or the master climber who not only climbed but loved to JUMP and required stitches on his forehead when my husband and oldest son were out of the country and I was home with a newborn baby and our other six children. When I found out later that the "wood pile" that had been climbed was NOT the pile of split wood needing to be stacked but instead the pile of stacked lumber that was over my head, well, I just about fainted! Ah, yes, I had forgotten, but quickly remembered and it made me smile!

Or like suddenly needing to help a friend yesterday by babysitting for her many while she made a quick dash to the doctor. All those little ones running around and busy and chattering and going here and there and everywhere. How could I have forgotten what life was like when all my children were home and we had so many littles running here and there and everywhere chattering the whole time while busy and into everything? Ah, yes, I had forgotten, but quickly remembered and it made me smile!

Or what about listening to my littlest sitting next to me as she sounds out words and reading begins to click as sentences begin to roll off her reading tongue. Is it really possible that God has blessed me with the honor of hearing each one of my nine children learn to read while they sat next to me and the sounds of letters suddenly made sense to them? Ah, yes, I had forgotten, but quickly remembered and it made me smile!

Or what about the times when ministries I've been involved in have faded away as the doors closed leaving me wonder what the Lord has in mind as I wait on Him. Hasn't the Lord always been there in amazing ways when He brings new ministry possibilities into my life which will stretch and challenge me? Ah, yes, I had forgotten, but quickly remembered and it has made me smile as He has done it once again!

Fortunately we don't stay stuck in seasons of life never being given the opportunity to forget. Because when we do remember it brings with us a renewed reminder that God can be trusted to faithfully walk with us through all the challenging seasons of life! And that indeed makes me smile!

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That was a wonderful daybook. I enjoyed every word. You are a wonderful story teller. I love all the books by Margaret Jenson. Each chapter of her books is a story of memories. Thank you, Doylene

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