Wednesday, November 11

a red poppy reminder

Around our country today, we pause to thank and honor ALL veterans who have served honorably in the military whether during wartime or peacetime. It is a time when we can shake the hand of a man or woman in appreciation for faithfully serving in our nation's military by protecting our freedom and sacrificing their lives by actively doing their duty.

In our family we have fathers who served in the Korean War and World War II as well as uncles who have served in various branches of the military. Having joined their ranks this past year is one of our sons who is now an Army Airborne Ranger and is anticipating deployment in the new year. Having read the oath he took as a soldier and having heard him recite the Ranger Code, my heart is humbled by the commitment our military personnel make to our country and I do not take the sacrifice lightly that each one has made. That sacrifice is beginning to sink into my heart as the mother of a soldier and has increased my prayer life by the tenfold.

Please don't walk past those with a bucket full of buddy poppies. Pause for a moment, shake their hand and thank them for their service, and then take a buddy poppy as a reminder to daily pray for those in military service.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I have not seen poppies in a very long time. As a child I did not even understand what they were for. Perhaps that is why we, as a nation, have lost the sense of duty that our grandparents knew. Thank you for your post. As a fellow Army Mom, I totally understand.

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