Wednesday, November 25

some "aha!"s

As I'm waiting to turn down the oven on two pumpkin pies now baking, I think back to just a few minutes ago as I was rolling out the crusts for these pies. I came upon my second "aha!" moment of recent days.

"Aha!" Making pie crust isn't that hard, only takes a few moments, and makes a lovely dessert that my husband REALLY loves. I need to make pies more often and bless him!

My first "aha!" moment came a week ago when I finished baking my husband's favorite cookies for him to take on the menfolk's hunting trip up to the cabin. There wasn't much time left, but I asked him if there was something else that I could quickly make for him to take. He said he could only think of his two favorite things - krispie treats or my lemon bars. When considering the time we had to work with, I opted for the krispie treats because those are so quick to make and take. And yes, I need to make those more often, too, as everyone loves them. But no, the "aha!" wasn't really about that - although that comes close to being an "aha!" so perhaps it was a double "aha!"moment. The "aha!" was more about my lemon bars.

"Aha!" Making my lemon bars seems to be only a once-a-year kind of thing as I bake them at Christmas and my husband REALLY does love them. I need to make lemon bars more often and bless him!

I quickly squashed that lemon bar "aha!" because as much as we may love the taste of those yummy lemon bars, the simple truth is that they are U.G.L.Y.!!!!! I'm not exaggerating in the least. You know those pretty light yellow with powdered sugar lemon bars you see at church functions? Ya, mine look nothing like that! They are just plain U.G.L.Y.!!!! At first glance, you'd probably think they are butterscotch bars as they have a deep golden color on top that looks like it would be leather to chew through in order to get to the yummy lemon filling inside. They are definitely deceiving, although definitely delicious, and these lemon bars are destined to never leave my house nor be served to anyone other than family. I know, I know, perhaps I need to swallow my pride.

And perhaps I need to swallow my pride in other areas of my life.

Isn't it easy to judge a book by its cover? Or a person by their face? It happens way too often and the Holy Spirit is pricking me a bit about it. Like when we are out and about perhaps shopping and the kids will whisper to me something like "that person is a real creeper!" Judging by appearance when we know absolutely nothing about that person.

I'm reminded of that exact thing when shopping this fall for a family gathering and having a grocery cart full of food. An older gentleman with a leathery gruff face made a rough comment to me about how I apparently was buying the store out. I couldn't quite read his face and responded with a smile assuring him that I had left plenty on the shelves for him to pick from. He suddenly smiled back and thanked me for not taking it all. The smile on his face revealed a whole different side of his personality. His smile later when I passed him on my way to the checkout reminded me that not everyone we see are automatically *creepers*.

No, I'm not saying throw all caution to the wind and approach all strangers with a confident smile (although really, what would Jesus do?), but be willing to risk sharing the love of Jesus with someone who may not look good on the outside but is worthy of us learning about the story of their life on the inside. A simple genuine smile can be the beginning.

Now, if I can just get over the lemon bar ugliness, eh?

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