Saturday, November 7

tending to chocolate

"Some people turn to chocolate. Some buy shoes. I tend to my garden."
~ From my gardening calendar for today

My garden is a wonderful escape for several months of the year. It's like a mini-retreat away from the stress of life when I wander out there any time through the day or evening as it quietly grows beneath the eyes of God.

Then the season begins to change and my garden is only viewed through my bedroom window as it goes through a season of rest.

So, then I need to resort to the next best option. Yup, chocolate. And yup, I've scored big over the past week. Two different nights two different children had other commitments which prevented them from being home on their kitchen duty nights. They tried to switch their night with siblings who had no interest in making the switch. They tried to offer money to siblings to do this evening chore which didn't work either which is a bit surprising with Christmas coming up. Hitting a dead end with both attempts, they came to their mother who no longer has a garden to tend to these days.

Can you see the glimmer in my eye?

Now, I wouldn't take advantage of the situation if it were the younger ones unable to fulfill their commitment, but since it's the older ones who need to find out that freedom from responsibilities does come with a cost, I struck a deal with both. They got a night off from kitchen duties and I scored a special dark chocolate bar and a small chocolate concrete malt. Shameless, I know....hee hee!

Actually, it is a win win situation for me. Although *I* like to be DONE with the kitchen after supper and use that time as my down time (or in other words, I'm a morning person and barely move after supper), it is nice to be the kitchen cleaner upper person. My kids do a fine job, but my eyes see more of the detail work that needs to be done which results in waking up to a cleaner kitchen to start my day in the morning. Bonus!

Of course, it would probably be MUCH better for my waistline if I took money for these jobs and saved for pair of shoes, eh?

May you enjoy the weekend ahead with or without chocolate!

Tammy ~@~


Kimmie said...

You are so cute. I don't know what chocolate concrete malt this a drink?

I got your note in the mail today. What a blessing it was and what a sweet kind friend you are. I will put it in the jar for Princess Simenesh. Thank you for blessing us..your note was so very sweet. (I will tuck it away in my keep box and take it out on a *low* day, to remember I am loved.

thanks so much Tammy

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

A chocolate concrete malt is a very thick malted chocolate ice cream in a cup nummyness!

And, wow, I can't believe the mail service was that fast! My hope was that you would be blessed by a long distance hug and I'm delighted it worked! {{{Kimmie}}}

Tammy ~@~

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