Wednesday, December 16

away or a way with writing

On the sixteenth day of December, my true love gave to me....

....a stack of Christmas cards in the pile of mail.

Can anything be better than snail mail this time of the year? I absolutely dance around in my kitchen as we open card after card! Every card, picture, and letter gets puts into a special basket for the family to graze through as they have time. Catching up once a year with many family and friends far away truly is a treasure as I enjoy reading their family letters.

However, a couple of days ago I heard a song of satire written about Christmas letters and it wasn't pretty. At all. And it's causing me to ponder this annual letter a bit more, especially since I'm not in a scramble trying to get cards, letters, and pictures in the mail before Christmas. This year our family is instead sending out a letter AFTER the holidays as we are waiting on all of our family to come together for a family picture which won't happen until perhaps the beginning of the new year.

When I write out our annual letter, I always email the rough draft to the older ones and set out a copy for the younger ones to read and everyone has the opportunity to critique, correct, and cross out before the final letter goes to print. Hopefully that takes out anything in the letter that would be TMI or prideful sounding or depressing or etc.

So tell most people really dislike these letters? Or do you enjoy them? Or is it the writing style that is offensive?

May your garden be flooded with cards and letters that bring a smile to your face!

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Tina said...

I really do love the updates and pictures. . . I have to admit. . some letters are SO long that it seems overwhelming, so I save it for later.
I would love to know what the song was.???

Nezzy said...

I really enjoy the updates and pics of ones families. I hate the braggy ones that just seem to boast about everything. Ya know the trips, diamonds, yachts, the money. I just want to hear about people.

God bless and have a terrific day!!!

Mrs. E. said...

It's such a thrill to open Christmas cards every day in Dec.! The more info the better. . .if it's too long I may not read it until January. But a card with only a signature? Boo Hoo. . . I want more.

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