Friday, December 11

the calm before the busy

On the eleventh day of December, my true love said to me....

....whoaaaaaa, look at the weekend schedule!

Lots of things going on this upcoming weekend and I wrote out a list early this morning hoping that I won't forget anything important. With each event it seems there's something to wrap or bake or sew or remember to do.

After the list was made out and set nearby for any additions, I snuggled into my rocking chair with a blanket on my lap as I worked on finishing the hand quilting on my grandson's Christmas stocking. The one I made last year and sent with Advent books for him and his sister never arrived in the mail and got lost in the black hole of metropolitan mail. Fortunately I have the pattern for the cross-stitch name part and plenty of the same fabric to fashion his own special stocking. My hope is to finish it by noon so I can UPS it - yes, this time I WILL be able to track its travels! - this afternoon.

As I sat thinking about the day and weekend ahead, I realized how much I really enjoy the quiet of handwork. Having been in a season of quilting and sewing has slowed my pace a bit and given me some quality time to not only ponder, but more importantly to pray. Two hours of a quiet house this morning allowed me to cover a large list of prayer concerns. How thankful my heart is to have this brief moment in time before a busy few days ahead!

Of course, I've also determined that working on aida 18 count cross stitch is no longer something I enjoy as my eyes cannot take those little squares anymore. It's been a real challenge to not only read the pattern, but to cross stitch it as well. Perhaps it's time to thin out all those many many cross stitch books that were my mom's and only keep the few I may attempt someday....on aida 14 count. I will keep her floss stash though as it is one of those priceless collections of just about every single color. What a treasure!

And I've also determined that I thoroughly enjoy hand quilting and would love to spend more time on that in the future. Although I was mighty tempted during the fall quilt festival by all the machine quilting that everyone is doing nowadays, there really is nothing like the look, feel, quaintness, and simplicity of hand stitching. Maybe I can even find someone to help me thread the needles with those little eyes. The best part perhaps is the time taken which forces a person to slow down a bit as they stitch. Yes, that truly a treasure!

However, that time is over as I hear my household waking up out of their warm beds into a house chilled by below zero temperatures. Time to get busy!

May you find some quiet moments of doing things you enjoy within your garden!

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