Wednesday, December 2

drying on the second

On the second day of December, my true love gave to me....

....a visit from the appliance repairman.

At least I *hope* he'll be stopping by today!

A week ago today my boys returned from their first part of the hunting season and emptied out the clothes they had worn into the hampers. Fortunately there weren't many since deer are very unhappy sniffing out clean hunters and my hunters didn't want to take any chances with particular deer. After Thanksgiving, they left to spend a couple more days hunting and their second return meant emptying out all of their clothes into the hamper. Still not bad.

But during this time period I didn't do much regular laundry at all since family from afar had arrived and we were all busy eating and chatting and laughing and playing and lounging.

After the last of family had headed home on Monday afternoon, we stripped the sheets off the beds and I quietly tiptoed into the laundry area. Actually, I didn't need to tiptoe at all because the mountainous piles of laundry deafened any sound I would make!

One load of laundry washed and thrown into the dryer with the second load washing. When it was time to switch the load, alas! Everything in the dryer felt cold and wet. Thinking perhaps that I hadn't really turned it on the first time? or someone had opened the dryer right after I had started it and didn't turn it back on? or the setting wasn't locked in?....I then made sure everything was right and started the dryer again. Fifteen minutes later I rechecked the clothes in the dryer and had the same verdict. Cold and wet.


The heater unit is perhaps done. Period.

And the repairman couldn't come until *maybe* today.

Soooooo, in the meantime, I found a bunch of hangers and hung up what I could in our woodroom to dry and by the vent where the heat rises to the upstairs. I also found a nice clothesline in the laundry area, grabbed the bucket of clothespins, and strung the line through the laundry area by tying one end on the staircase railing and the other end on a plumbing pipe. Two loads of wet laundry were hung throughout the house to dry.

Without realizing it, I had a couple bonuses happen with this mishap. All this drying laundry put much needed moisture into our house as the woodburner makes our air extremely dry. I also saved the cost of running the dryer for two loads that day and have done another couple of loads since then. It has required taking the time more immediately to do some ironing, but that is a bonus as well as I needed some quiet time to ponder the days ahead.

Perhaps in the days ahead I'll continue to use this method. Well, except for towels. I really have never been a fan of stiff air dried towels. But everything else would be fine, eh?

On this second day of December, have you found unusual ways to save some money?

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teachinmom said...

I'd love to see a picture of that. You know that what you did is very fashionable these is so 'green'. Hope you get your dryer fixed soon.

ChiGirl said...

Money saver for us: Cheap suppers. Last night was beans and rice...tonight is tuna casserole. By being cheap on private dinners this month, we can put the extra cash into special things like gifts, hospitality, and baking those cookies your son loves so much this time of year. :)

mom said...

I hadn't even thought about the fact that I'm PC Green! Actually, I do love hanging laundry out of the clothesline in the warm weather because it makes them smell ohhhh so good and the wind pulls out the wrinkles and softens. These indoors clothesline items are a tad bit stiff! LOL!

Yay for economical meals! Like our second night of turkey noodle soup...yummy! Save where you can :-)

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