Wednesday, December 23

the excitement begins

On the twenty-third day of December, my true love said to me....'s about to get exciting around here!

Around lunchtime my husband will jump in the car to drive to the airport and pick up our son who has been in the Army since March. With the exception of one long weekend pass that he used to fly home and back in the blink of an eye, he has not had any extended time home. It will be so wonderful to have him here when we don't have to watch every moment on the clock squeezing in all the people he wanted to see and food he wanted to eat. NOPE! He'll be lounging around here for about eleven days hanging with family and friends.

And it'll get even more exciting when the rest of the family comes home in a week! Lots of noise and eating and talking and present opening!

Honestly, I could be quite content the rest of my days without my family ever spending another cent on presents as I'd rather they invested their pennies on trips home for my most cherished gift is having my family all together plopped around the table chattering together.

May you treasure the days in your garden, especially during the memory making holidays!

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Tina said...

Yay! So glad he will be here soon for you to squeeze!! I agree with you about the presents. . people are SO much more important than things :)

Nezzy said...

I received my first seed catalog yesterday. It always gives me the itch but we are under a winter storm warning so....{SIGH}....guess I'll wait. Yes, yes I so agree we all need to focus on why we celebrate this precious season. The best gift is giving of oneself and loving those around us. Please take the time to do something for those less fortunate. Have a Merry Christmas.

God bless ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

did he beat the storm???
wishing you all Christmas glory...


mom said...

He did beat the storm and had great weather to fly in from start to finish! The activity level around here has picked up about 100% since his arrival :-)

Tina, presents can be wonderful, too, when they are delivered right to your door! I can't wait to peek inside tomorrow to see what you dropped off :-)

YAY for seed catalogs! I keep putting them in a stack to linger over during those cold winter months being stuck indoors....

Tammy ~@~

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