Saturday, December 5

the icing

On the fifth day of December my true love exclaimed to me....

....there's ice on the lake now!

Ohhh, it's a thin layer of ice, but with low temperatures in the teens the ice should continue to form nicely.

My girls have been beside themselves waiting and waiting and waiting for the weather to finally get cold enough for ice on the lake. And during that waiting there have been many spins and glides across the kitchen floor in preparation for all the things they want to attempt this winter on the real ice.

Is there a special activity you enjoy when the winter weather finally settles in?

May your weekend be one of doing your favorite things!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

You're so lucky to have a natural skating rink so close ~ that you can use for free!! My girls would be beside themselves, too!

Man, I haven't been on skates in AT LEAST 13 years ~ I'd be the one providing the comedy relief, no doubt!

mom said...

We are very fortunate to have our own skating rink...however, there's never a guarantee on how good the ice will be. If we get good spell of very cold weather, the ice freezes beautifully smooth. If the weather does the warm cold thing and snow mixes in with it, the ice can be very crummy.

And Tammi, I think it's high time you put on a pair of ice skates again! Your little girls would love it! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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