Tuesday, December 1

on the first day

On the first day of December, my true love gave to me....

....no sense of panic.

Ya, that always comes later in the month.


Or later today when I get around to flipping all my calendars.


Actually, right at this moment I do have a sense of calm.

One huge item which is a tremendous time soaker throughout the month of December is Christmas cards. Buying them, signing them, addressing them, writing the annual letter, taking the family picture, printing the family picture, and then sending them. And I've crossed that off my list for December.

I can already hear the gasps from those I know!

Do not fear for it has instead been added to my January list.

For you see, this annual tradition is quite important to me because it does connect me with friends and family once a year. However, this year we have no family picture and I cannot send cards without that primary item. Our family picture will be taken AFTER Christmas as we anticipate our son in the army being home for ten days over the holidays. Our family Christmas celebration will take place closer to New Year's Day this year.

So, instead of Christmas cards going out in December, a family new year's letter will go out in January complete with a family picture.


Yes, I can still putter around on the family letter throughout the month, and yes, I can still address envelopes throughout the month, but the bulk will be done in January when the pressure around me is much much less.

On this first day of December, are you thinking of ways to make your holidays a bit easier this year?

Enjoy this day!

Tammy ~@~


ChiGirl said...

I'm having the complete opposite kind of day. My song would be: "On the first day of December my true love gave to me a complete sense of utter panic and chaos" LOL Well, at least I've still got the accordion, right??? Sigh. Enjoy your day of calm and peace for me. :)

stephseef said...

I can't decide if this is making our Advent celebrations easier or harder, but we're leaving town tomorrow for a massive family road trip to South Carolina for the ordination of our best friend from seminary. Scott's preaching and I'm doing the music.... this is our vacation for the year. Frantically packing today, around a 4 year old who had a fever and barfs [figures!] last night but seems to be some better today. BUT, the Christmas cards that I created and ordered on SUNDAY AFTERNOON for HALF PRICE on Shutterfly are - believe it or not - arriving via UPS TODAY already - and that with free shipping!!! What incredible service. So I can address envelopes during our long hours on the road. That will help!

Kimmie said...

Calm, calm. That is what we have here. We decided...well, led by our littlest children, to not do presents this year. (we don't celebrate with Santa-so this wasn't an issue) We are in *saving* mode so that our Ethiopian adoption can be completed quickly.

All the children said they had everything they need and that they really want their sister to come home. Yes, they really did say that.

We put up our tree. It will be decorated slowly through the next weeks...each person will write a *love letter* to each person. Last year we saved toilet paper rolls to hide them in and we wrapped each persons in a different wrapping paper...it was beautiful with the lights.

On Christmas Day we opened the letters and read them to the recipient. Yes, there was a lot of crying (especially from a very thankful Mama and Papa.)

I forgot to save toilet paper rolls, so this year we will have to use cardstock tubes (sigh, I totally forgot!)

If you want to see a picture of last years tree all adorned in love letters...go by my *Moments of Life* blog.

Praying blessing over your coming days of Advent and celebration.

love you dear friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

mom said...

Yes, you not only still have the accordian, but you now have a tuba, too!

Yay, Steph! A perfect thing to do while traveling! I just hope there's one addressed to me....

{{{Kimmie}}} I'm so blessed to read about your plans. Your children's tender hearts are obvious! You will indeed have a special Christmas :-)

Tammy ~@~

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