Wednesday, December 9

the school of winter

On the ninth day of December, my true love said to me....

....all the area schools for miles are canceled.

Well, except for us. An added advantage of homeschooling is the ability to work on our schooling during rain, shine, sleet, subzero, or snow. It may be snowing and blowing and chilling outside our windows on this day, but our books can still be opened without skipping a beat. The only thing that could throw us off a bit are the high winds we are experiencing which have a way of knocking out the power if utility lines come down with the trees.

Now to see how the weather develops throughout this winter storm warning day as a decision will have to be made about hosting Bible study tonight.

Off to stoke up the fire in the woodburner as these cold winds have chilled the house enough to make us want to do school in bundles of blankets!

Enjoy this day in your garden whatever the weather!

Tammy ~@~


Chris Worthy said...

You are a brave soul! I love the heat of summer but have a very low tolerance for the white stuff. In South Carolina, less than an inch can bring everything to a screeching halt. :) Stay warm!

mom said...

I LOVE the white stuff - and LOTS of it - as long as it's falling November, December, January, and February. If it decides to come in any of the other months, you'll hear me grumble a bit! LOL! But I doubt if I could take the heat and humidity where you live, Chris. This northern girl would MELT and be a worthless wet puddle of a mother.

Tammy ~@~

Nezzy said...

Sorry gang, I'm not a winter person. I hate feeding livestock, gathering wood and keeping waterers unfrozen. {SIGH}...I miss my pool!!!

Ya'll have a terrifically blessed day and please keep the white stuff!!!

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