Monday, December 7

Simple Woman's Daybook for December 7

For December 7

Outside my window.....
the skies are a bit cloudy and the temperatures are in the teens.

I am thinking.....there's several things I need to get at early this week which will make the entire month more manageable.

I am thankful for.....God providing just as we have needs to be met.

I am wearing.....a long sleeved white shirt with a sweater over (see below) and a denim skirt.

I am hearing.....the snowplow going down our road as it clears away all the snow flurries of the weekend.

I am shopping list for our special holiday treats baking that I'll start this week.

I am hopefully travel to a neighboring town to do a little shopping this afternoon with a couple of my girls.

I am still reading.....Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris.

I am praying.....for different friends who had experienced loss of family over the past year as I feel the familiar ache in my own heart during this month.

I am remembering.....that everything that needs to get done always gets done and if it doesn't get done it didn't really need to get done. Clear as mud?! LOL!

I am hoping.....that we really get the snowfall predicted for midweek!

On my a son who will be transitioning in the next couple of weeks.

From the learning rooms....we have been working hard and I'm loving listening to my littlest read words and smile when she properly sounds out a new hard word.

Noticing that....the more I fight this hormone roller coaster during this season of life, the worse my attitude becomes. I do much better emotionally and mentally when I let go and go with the flow (in a manner of speaking).....

Pondering these words...."Every saint can have his body under absolute control for God. God has made us to have government over all the temple of the Holy Spirit, over imaginations and affections. We are responsible for these, and we must never give way to inordinate affections. Most of us are much sterner with others than we are in regard to ourselves; we make excuses for things in ourselves whilst we condemn in others things to which we are not naturally inclined." ~ Oswald Chambers

From the kitchen....will be a batch of plain ol' chocolate chip cookies today.

Around the house.....there's things that still need to be put away from my cleaning out the mudroom project of yesterday.

One of my favorite snow flurries in December!

A few plans for the rest of the week....the children's Christmas program practice at church tonight, Bible study, some online shopping, Christmas stocking stitching, and adjusting a couple of Christmas program costumes.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....

When we were going through a box of clothes from my oldest daughter which her next sister down can finally wear, we found that most of the clothing was quite outdated or things this daughter didn't really like. In the box was this old LL Bean sweater which I don't recall my oldest daughter ever wearing and which was most likely a hand-me-down from someone else. As it was thrown into the castaway pile, I tried it on and loved it! It's baggy, but warm. It's nubby, but comfortable. And it's my favorite thing to wear now :-)

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Enjoy this December day!

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Jerralea said...

That's a good word from Oswald Chambers!

I think I understand your "clear as mud" statement. In other words, don't sweat the small stuff! I never can finish my to-do-list, but tomorrow is another day.

That's a beautiful sweater - I'm glad you get to use it!

Tina said...

You are one of the few people I know that can go through your kids clothes and find something to fit yourself. :)
I am now pondering your Oswald Chambers words. . . Good words.

mom said...

It does help to be the smallest one in the family, Tina, although I'm *hoping* my littlest will be a petite thing like her mom!

Tammy ~@~

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