Friday, December 4

starts with a smile

On the fourth day of December, my true love shared with me....

....our annual first Christmas card of the season.

And it didn't even come in the mail!

No, it is always found the week after Thanksgiving when one of the menfolk rolls the garbage disposal container from the end of the driveway back to the garage. The card is from our "sanitary engineer" better known as the garbageman around here.

What made me smile this year was his signature below the print of the card:

"Starts with a smile" and his name

Isn't that a neat way to be greeted at the beginning of the holiday season which perhaps helps nudge you to a better and happier attitude?

We also received our first Christmas card in the mail yesterday, too, from an extended family couple who are usually early senders.

Add to that light snow flurries this week, sending out the Christmas gift idea list to everyone, and pondering getting the Christmas decorations down this coming weekend. And I can't forget listening to my littlest work on her solo verse for the Christmas program as her sweet little girl voice sings about kneeling at the manger.

I think we may be smiling a bit more now!

What's making you smile in your garden today?

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Tracy said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Kimmie said...

Isn't the *expectation* and the *getting* ready the best!

This year we have slowed down, way down, honestly, we have practically stopped. I am going to savor every moment up to Christmas...thanking God each step of the way....

God bless your curb guy...may the Lord be the center of that smile.

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