Tuesday, December 22

those little men

On the twenty-secondth day of December, my true love wondered to me....

....what happened to the dishes?

It appears the little men must be on strike again. What little men you ask? You know, those little men that my younger children think live inside dishwashers. Those handsome little guys who scrub the forks that they put into the rack with gobs of food on them or the knives with a sandwich worth of peanut butter slathered on them. Those crafty little men who know how to use their tools to remove the most stuck on dried on food known to mankind which is still attached to plate. Ya, those men....

Those men who don't exist as an older wiser son is quick to remind his mother after pulling a yucky fork out of the silverware drawer (yes, sometimes they actually DO put this stuff away when they unload the dishwasher amazingly not noticing a problem). This same son quickly admonishes his mother to talk to those younger children about proper dishwasher details.


Consistent training is a must, isn't it? Day in and day out. I know there are a few other housekeeping details that need to be addressed, too, as things tend to get a bit sloppy when mom isn't being consistent which tends to happen a lot when life is especially busy. Like now. Yet a few minutes of my time this morning will save me time in the long run and will help my household to run smoother.

Besides, the sooner I deal with the little men issue, the sooner Mr. Nobody may disappear from our house as well.....

May you have a delightful clean dishes day in your garden!

Tammy ~@~

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Nezzy said...

Those ornery little green fellas slacking off on their duties again. I've been lookin' for Not Me for years, if you see him send him my way. I have a big old punishment awaiting him! LOL!!!

God bless and have a good evening!

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