Thursday, December 17

the toasting of the seeds

On the seventeenth day of December, my true love toasted for me....

....cookie sheets full of pumpkin seeds.

Yes, it may seem like the wrong season to be eating pumpkin seeds since November is long gone. However, Thanksgiving was a bit late on the calendar this year and once it was over there were our garden pumpkins still sitting on the entry porch soon to be solidly frozen.

One by one the pumpkins have been brought into the house and put into a very large bowl so they can thaw. One by one my husband has taken on the project of cutting open the now very soggy pumpkins and pulling out all the seeds to toast in our oven.

Since he hasn't done this before, it has been a process of practice. The first seeds attempted were badly burnt and greatly overly seasoned. The next ones were slightly burnt and heavily seasoned. But the ones in the oven right now have sent a pleasant pumpkin pie scent into the air. It's wonderful to think that perhaps he's figured out the right combinations to produce something everyone in the family will eat. Perfect timing, too, as there's only one pumpkin left on the porch to bring in for thawing.

Instead of snacking on sweet things, we'll be snacking on pumpkin seeds a bit longer. And did you know that pumpkin seeds weren't just a healthy snack, but are actually a helpful natural source for eliminating intestinal parasites and worms? Ya, my kids would all say, "Gross, Mom!", but it's true....hee hee...

Ah yes, may you have wonderful scents floating through the air of your garden!

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