Saturday, December 19

travel tweaking

On the nineteenth day of December, my true love reminded me....

....of our upcoming schedule.

Our schedule keeps tweaking a bit in the days ahead which certainly keeps life exciting.

Our son's fiance graduates from college tomorrow and yesterday we made the decision that weather permitting we hope to travel there to share in this celebration which also means I have MUCH to get done today!

Our Army son was scheduled to fly home on Wednesday the 23rd, but he called last night with some exciting news which will possibly delay his return home a day or two. He'll have firmer details on Monday and will be able to adjust his flights accordingly when he knows more. I'm certain that changing flights right during the holidays is a cinch and not costly at all, right? :::thud:::

Another son is traveling with his family today and after looking at the current weather map from his home to his destination, I'm thinking he should have tweaked his plans. YIKES! He often seems to be traveling in bad weather which is a great weight loss plan for this mother as pacing keeps me busy until I get the phone call saying they've safely arrived at their destination. (And as a side note....don't all mothers say things like "drive safely" or "drive carefully"? One of my boys once made a comment that it was good that I reminded him of that because he had been planning on driving wildly careening here and there hoping to make record time to where he was going.....)

Around New Year's Day all the older ones will be traveling home for our family Christmas celebration and no doubt the weather will tweak their plans a bit as well as keeping their guardian angels quite busy while they are on the roads.

Fortunately our home schedule tends to be flexible enough for whatever tweaking needs to be done which keeps the falalalalaaaaalalalalaaaaaa in our holidays!

Enjoy your weekend before Christmas and if you're traveling, remember to drive safely!

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Nezzy said...

Why do we do this to ourselves? We have nine birthdays to celebrate and then we have Christmas. As a mama I have forbidden anyone to get married or have anymore children in December! Heeheehe!

Thanks for your very sweet comment and hoppin on my blog . I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride.

Have a great day in the Lord!

keri said...

which son was it??? the fourth one???

Mrs. E. said...

It's wonderful you are making the effort to attend the graduation. I'm sure it will mean a lot to both of them!(son and fiancee)
Safe travels!

mom said...

Wow, nine birthdays in a month? :::thud:::

Yes, it does sound like the logic of the fourth son, doesn't it?

Thanks, Heather! Sounds like a bit of snow for our travels tomorrow, but hopefully not enough to bother us.

Tammy ~@~

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