Thursday, December 10

warm is the word of the day

On the tenth day of December, my true love said to me....

....brrrrrrrrrr, time to bundle up!

It seems like our whole country is cold right now, doesn't it? Subzero temperatures aren't uncommon especially when you factor in wind chill numbers.

Trying to keep our bills down, I'm encouraging the kids to bundle up a bit more as we keep the woodburner going. The sheets on the beds are now all flannel and we're throwing extra blankets on each bed. The curtainless windows on the shady sides of the house are being blanketed, too. I'm thankful for the departing snow clouds as warm sunshine is streaming into the southern windows warming each room. Warming soups are on the menu, also.

And when I think about keeping warm, my mind keeps wandering to the making of quilts that can be used for snuggling....

Do you have any keeping warm tips from your garden? Do share!

Tammy ~@~


Chris Worthy said...

I agree about soups! In the past couple of weeks, I've made minestrone, wild rice soup, tomato soup, corn chowder... And it's only mid-December. :)

mom said...

It could be a long winter ahead of soup making, eh? They sound delicious, Chris! Last night I readied today's soup by soaking a big bowl of beans and will simmer the ham bone all morning to prepare the soup for simmering this afternoon. Of course, it wasn't very good planning as we could all be "lethal weapons" for the weekend of activities ahead! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Luke said...

It's sure been cold here!

I've been wearing my boots everywhere. Haven't really had to do that much before.


mom said...

And it's only December, Luke....

Stay warm!

Tammy ~@~

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