Saturday, January 30

as colorful as


Can we talk crayons this morning?

Crayons have come to mind several times in a matter of minutes.

While sitting at our other computer, I needed to write down some information on the screen in front of me and I used the nearest and the only utensil of several similar ones that I found on the desk.  A crayon.

As I got up from there I went up our staircase noting a different color crayon marking on the wall.  

Once in the hallway to the kitchen I could smell melting crayon as our furnace kicked on this morning with the subzero temperatures and there's a crayon lodged in one of the heating vents.

In the kitchen a new cup of coffee was poured and as I opened the frig to get my splash of milk it was hard not to notice the handful of crayon drawings magnetized to the door which were made by my grandchildren.  

My life consists of crayons!

That's not a bad thing.  It's a good thing. 

Really.  Think of a box full of crayons.  Think of all the wonderful colors.  Especially the pinks!  C.O.L.O.R.F.U.L.

My life has been colorful!

And it's those little people who use crayons that keep my life so wonderfully creatively colorful and bright!

May God open your eyes to the color found in your garden!

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