Friday, January 8

ba bye

We are finally at the end of our Christmas cookies!  YAY!  We ended up with too many cookies after the holidays because when the older ones were all saying their good-byes, this mama forgot all about her plan to send them home with treats to eat. Fortunately our midweek Bible study was a good place to use up many of the cookies and saved me from having to do any baking that day. 

However, it is time to address the leftovers.  Like the men.  

As a traditionalist and sentimentalist to the core, it is very hard to say goodbye to the gingerbread men, yet I know it's time.  Next year they will not be gracing the cookie plate as hardly a single one was eaten.  When the kids were little, they liked dipping the gingerbread cookies into their milk, but those kids are growing up and have other cookie preferences they like much more.  Besides, frosting and decorating the gingerbread always came at the very end after frosting and decorating the sugar cookies and no one had much enthusiasm for doing the task by that point (as you can see by the "dumping" of color on them).

And time to address a new attempt this year. Like the Cinnamon-sugar sticks.

It was a biscotti recipe found in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine in an issue from last year.  It totally flopped with my family who do not have sophisticated tastes.  Just give them SWEET and they are happy as bugs in a rug.  That's okay.  I'll keep dipping one or two in my morning coffee until they are gone.

Do you have any recipes that are non-repeaters for next year?

The good news though is that there does seem to be a new favorite cookie emerging from the cookie plate and if I can find where I tucked the recipe, I'll post it tomorrow!

May all your Christmas cookies be long gone from your household by now!

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teachinmom said...

I know what you mean. My gang was not "into" making gingerbread houses....but let me try to get by a year without making them and they howl. I might just "forget it" next year.

I love the look of your biscotti. My kids would eat it up. I will take some if you ship them, lol. I'd probably have to hide them.

ChiGirl said...

Ooo...which one?? The anise??? (please say yes!)

mom said...

Debbie, if you are a biscotti connoisseur, I'd be happy to send a few you to for your opinion. And I wouldn't be slighted in the least if you hated them! LOL! If you're serious, email me your mailing address as I don't think I have it now that you've moved.

And nope, it's not the anise cookie recipe. I feel like that recipe still needs some tweaking to be like my grandma's anise cookies. It's a different recipe I'm thinking about.....

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