Thursday, January 14

be extreme

"We have learned that suffering is not the worst thing in the world -- disobedience to God is the worst." ~ A Vietnamese Christian pastor imprisoned for his faith (From the devotional Extreme Devotion)

For Christmas this year I purchased a new devotional as a family gift for us to use during our morning devotional time before we begin school each day.  Extreme Devotion is a daily devotional from The Voice of the Martyrs which holds true to what it states on the cover - "Daily devotional stories of ancient to modern day believers who sacrificed everything for Christ".  Although best suited to those twelve years old and up, our younger ones do listen as we read the Scripture, the true accounts of believers, and the closing thoughts for the day.  

Our devotional time always includes reading a chapter from the Old Testament and the New Testament and this devotional complements those readings by providing real life examples of Christians applying God's Word, even to the point of persecution or death.  My hope is that it will allow my children to think a little deeper about what their commitment means as they follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

If you'd like to read another viewpoint, head over to Timberdoodle and read their Extreme Devotion review.  I have found that their devotional recommendations through the years have been Scripturally sound and well grounded for our family's continued spiritual growth. 

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Mrs. E. said...

This looks great. Thanks for the recommendation, Tammy! I'm always looking for book & devotional ideas.

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