Tuesday, January 26

cooking with playdoh

The other day my littlest wanted to wash her play kitchen dishes for a tea party.  

She was busy washing and drying her dishes, then later enjoying some sipping with a sister.

Late yesterday afternoon while I was sitting at the kitchen peninsula with my paperwork all around as I was writing out checks for the first of the month, she showed up once again with these dishes.  This time, however, she had a few containers of playdoh and some additional supplies.  She spread everything out next to me and was busy working and chattering.  

As I finished up my task, I paused to listen to her for a few minutes.  She continued chattering away oblivious of my attention until I stopped to ask her who she was talking to while she was cooking.

"Oh, I'm doing a cooking show for TV" was her reply.

And I smiled.

You have to realize that we don't have cable TV here.  In fact, we raise up a cheer when our antennae picks up a channel or two so we can watch a show or two.  Often the choices are poor and we turn the TV off.  Nope, definitely not heavy TV watchers.  So, this little girl has not grown up watching any of the food channels or knowing any celebrities in the food world like Paula Deen or Rachael Ray.  The only possibility is that perhaps she's caught a rare cooking show on PBS.  The rest is totally up to her imagination.

Have a mentioned that I'm in no hurry for this littlest one to grow up?  There is nothing like the play and creativity that comes with having a child in the house to warm a mother's heart.  And to put a smile on a mother's face :-)

Thank goodness there's grandchildren coming along that will keep my heart warmed and my smile in place!

Enjoy your children on this day in your garden as the days of childhood pass much too quickly!

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Kimmie said...

Oh Tammy how sweet. I love her chubby baby like cheeks. I'd love to watch your wee ones show. ;-)

I'd have to say that what we do watch here on occasion is the Food Channel...the baby was sitting in my lap the other day and surprisingly said "Paula!" (to Paula Dean). Hopefully, she learns to cook soon ;-)

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

The Learning Center said...

This is a sweet post!

Yes, I'm also enjoying my children here and noticing how fast they've grown.

God bless you and your entire household.

mom said...

Ohhhh, how I love chubby kissable cheeks!

Maybe your baby will turn into your household Paula in the future, Kimmie! YES!

Thanks for stopping by, Ruth :-)

Tammy ~@~

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