Wednesday, January 13

a happy visitor

While doing my post holiday cleaning, I noticed that I missed the arrival and departure of a visitor.  He comes quite often to our house and sometimes I'm almost able to catch him, but this time I had no idea when he was here.  It must have been too busy, too noisy, too much other activity in our household.

But at least he was happy.

Multiple times.

Recognize him?  Yup, Mr. Nobody.  

At least I was pretty certain of who helped him as a certain six year old in our household apparently hasn't quite grasped the whole "we only write on paper" concept yet.  Hopefully this will be the last time I have to have the "just say no" talk as she scrubbed down the whole ledge of the China cabinet.  

Don't worry, I'm not a rude hostess.  I'm quite certain that Mr. Nobody will feel free to stop again as he has other favorite things to do here such as leaving dishes in the living room where no one is suppose to eat or leaving essentially empty containers in the refrigerator or pantry after eating the last bite or two.  At least his accomplishes for those favorite activites are easy to find since I know where the "I'm hungry!" teenagers live in my house.

May your garden days be Mr. Nobody free!  (I can hear you saying, "ya, right..."  hee hee)



Nezzy said...

Man let me know if ya'll catch that Mr. Nobody varmint. He made himself quite a home here while the punks were growin' up and I said if I ever caught up with the little booger he was in BIG trouble! Heeheehe! I enjoyed this, thanks!


mom said...

LOLOL, Nezzy! Mr. Nobody truly is a well traveled guy, eh?

Tammy ~@~

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