Tuesday, January 19

here we go again

The day has come and much too slowly for the child involved.  

My husband did the honors this time driving our sixth child to the closest DOT office this afternoon where our son - who has been in drivers education class since the beginning of the month - could take his written test for his drivers permit.  Only one wrong on the test easily allowed him the opportunity to begin actually driving.  It seems the tradition has been - and perhaps foolishly on our parts but I think we are as excited at they are! - to allow them to drive home after taking the test. And he made it home without a scratch or a dent to my favorite car afterwards stating the three typical responses we've heard five times before....how hard it is to keep the car at the right speed, how hard it is to keep the car in the right spot on the road, and what a challenge it is to keep checking the mirrors.  Ahhhh, new drivers!  You gotta love 'em!

Am I too relaxed?  I dunno.  Perhaps it comes from doing this so many times before?  I dunno.  However, so far all the kids have been conscientious careful drivers while in the learning stage.  

What's been most interesting this time around is that this laid back son has been chomping at the bit to get driving which is quite contrary to his next older sibling who had a ho hum yawn approach about the whole behind the wheel experience.

I'm just looking forward to this summer when he actually has his drivers license and will be anxious to run errands for me!   Woo hoo!

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Kimmie said...

It does make life so much easier when someone beside the Mama can drive. My oldest got her license last year and what a blessing it has been.

happy practicing!

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Chris Worthy said...

You are brave and hearty souls. :) After getting her permit, my daughter was confined to driving in the church parking lot for weeks. :) Of course, she is the oldest. I suspect her little brother will get more freedom than that when his time comes.

Nezzy said...

I hear ya sister. I felt like the human taxi when my two started high school and when the oldest was legal he was glad to transfer his sis. Yep, new drivers, gotta love 'em!

Enjoy this day we are given!
God bless :o)

mom said...

It is wonderful to have extra drivers in the house :-)

And Chris, we use the church parking lot, too...primarily in the winter to give them lots of space to get the feel of slamming your brakes on icy snowy roads. They love it and this weak hearted mama does not go along for that practice! Yikes! =:-O

Tammy ~@~

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