Friday, January 29

the January brrrrrs

I thought perhaps we'd get through this mild January unscathed with the blessing of lower utility bills, but it found us.  That deep cold weather finally found us. It took all month for those "take away your breath every time you go outside" subzero temperatures to settle in a bit.  

But you know what?  They aren't staying long.  The high temperatures are suppose to move back up into the teens again this weekend. Isn't it funny how the teens feel warm after you've done a few days of hovering around zero?  

Actually, I don't mind the deep cold so much this time of the year because it allows me to snuggle in deeper in my home.  My list is long with things to do - bored?  who's bored? - and I could keep busy from morning until night.  As long as I am warm.....

How thankful I am for our wood heat which provides a steady coziness in my home and for a working furnace that supplements to the far corners of our home in this extreme cold!

Stay warm!

Tammy ~@~


Donna Boucher said...

just about a month more....we can do it!

Letitia said...

That makes me cold just reading it! And, our house is so drafty. Interesting that you all are having warmer temps (frigid as they are), and we have had a much colder winter so far. And, more snow than we've had in years.
Stay warm and enjoy the snuggling time!

Mrs. E. said...

I thought of it too today. . . the teens feel much warmer. At least warmer enough to take a walk. It felt so good to hunker down today, stoke the fire, do school and then take a nap on the couch with the sun shining on my face. :)

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