Saturday, January 23

kitten timing

As I put the picture from yesterday back into the album, I flipped over to the next page and was suddenly surprised.  There was the picture taken at my parents house of my mom with the kids.  It was taken a couple of days before she went in for her surgery to remove her brain tumor.  I instantly smiled because my mom had HAIR!  It was hard to remember her with hair since after her surgery she had radiation treatments to her brain and only a few lonely strands of hair grew back after that experience.  My memories of her were either scarfed or bald.

And just as instantly I cried.  Funny how memories trigger such a range of emotions.  I'm sure my heart was just extra tender at the moment anyways which only compounded the sadness.

But then I smiled again as I pondered God's goodness.  I hadn't ever thought before about how God brought that sweet kitten into our lives right before my mom's surgery.  As my heart and mind was so distracted about my mom at the time, at that same moment God provided a sweet distraction for my children that kept them very busy and if you've ever had a kitten you know exactly what I mean!

Now, how cool is that?!  Nothing like a "Go, God!" moment to cheer your heart!

May you notice little unusual ways God has provided for YOU just because He loves you so much!

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