Tuesday, January 12

noting a smile

It's been a busy time for me since the holidays with effects from the holidays strewn all over the house. It's taken some time to gather decorations that were in all the various rooms of the house and get them all packed up.  The problem isn't that we have a lot of things.  It's more a problem of having many little things.  A candle here, a jingle bell there, an angel on top of that, a glass Christmas tree on a shelf, etc.  Once gathered, it all gets packed up and stored.

Then begins the task of getting the house back in order, even more so after family comes home and we use almost every square inch of each room or so it seems.  Vacuum here, change a bed there, pick up little people, clean up a hairball under that (I know, YUCK!), wash this, etc.

Seems I hardly had time to spend sitting at my clean desk.  In fact, I had moved my laptop out to the kitchen since it was actually more convenient there.  Okay, it was also warmer to use it there as my corner of the bedroom has been cold.  But I've recently moved my laptop back to my desk and as I was admiring my neat clean desk, I noticed a corner of a piece of paper sticking out of the only pile of papers and notebooks I have on my desk.  

Uncovering it lead to reading the sweetest encouragement note left behind by my daughter-in-law.  Words that were soothing balm to my hurting heart.  Truly, the note had a sweetest factor of 10! 

For you see, our family's last two big holidays have had some unexpected challenges and difficulties arise.  Harsh words have been spoken and it's been very hard on my mother's heart as I muddle through how best to handle these situations.  My prayers have been for discernment as I long to be in God's will as He is ultimately in control.  If I need to speak, I need to speak the truth in love.  If I need be silent, then I ask the Lord to close my mouth as He closed the mouths of Daniel's lions.  It's such a fine line to walk as I learn some new ropes of dealing with adult children.  

A note of encouragement was just what I needed to be reminded that all was not ruined over our holidays.  That there were moments of joy and delight to be remembered.  That love did shine in every corner of our home.  That I have a choice to either focus on the negative or focus on the positive and I'm so blessed to have my heart nudged in the right way!

Plus there was an added bonus.  A hand towel that had been forgotten to be put in the mom gift basket.  A lovely reminder of encouragement!

My hope is that you have someone in your garden who encourages you when times are challenging and difficult.  Someone who will point out the joy.  Someone who will love you through the tears.  And if the Holy Spirit is nudging you to do that for someone else, do not hesitate.  Do it immediately! It will put a smile on both of your faces!

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ValleyGirl said...

What a great surprise and encouragement!! A daughter-in-law like that is truly a blessing!

Nezzy said...

Oh ya, I am blessed with the best friend in the world, she is a true sister in Christ. I pray everyone could have someone like her in their lives.

God bless and have a terrific day!!!

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