Friday, January 22

a sad parting

Over fourteen years ago we heard about a group of stray kittens that had been brought into a local animal hospital.  The ears of six children quickly perked up! Oh, it wasn't that we really needed another cat as we already had two at that time, but one was getting quite old and the kids thought it would be good to have a companion to play with the younger cat.

Off we went!  When we got there, they brought out the group of kittens and I could hear the murmurings among my children about *maybe* picking two kittens....a murmur which I quickly squashed!  Besides, mom got the final say and voted for a long haired female kitten with unusual tortoise coloring.  

We waded through millions of name options finally settling on the name Sophie while she settled into a family who loved her from the start.  Fortunately she easily tolerated the constant handling by children although she loved her escape out the door once summer came around.  Somewhere through the years Sophie picked up the nickname Miss Tee or Tee for short and I have no idea why she was ever named that, but perhaps one of my older children will remember? She settled into family life growing older with the rest of us. (That sweet little boy sucking his thumbie on the left with the curls his mother didn't have the heart to cut is the one who got his temporary drivers permit this week and his brother holding Sophie will graduate from high school in May.)

Before we knew it she was showing signs of aging which began accelerating over the last several months.  Thinning down.  Not grooming herself.  Food coming up.  Not using the litterbox properly. Sleeping in odd places.  But always purring. 

Purr.  Purr.  Purr.

That purr that kept me from making a phone call.

Until today as my eyes were finally opened to how frail she had become.  And I picked up the phone, made an appointment, and we said our final goodbyes within the hour.

Thank you, Miss Tee, for almost fifteen years of purring even when we screamed as you released live birds or chipmunks in the house!  We will miss you in the days ahead!

Tammy ~@~


ValleyGirl said...

Aww, it's so hard to say goodbye to pets. Dang furballs just have a way of snuggleing/purring/clawing/licking/digging/slobbering their way into our hearts, don't they?


Mrs. E. said...

Ohhh, Tammy, I'm sorry. What a hard phone call to make. She's been with you all for quite a long time. Sad day.

Ruth said...

ohhh, so sad... Our grey tabby,Timmy is sick too. We took her to the clinic to days ago because of infected wound. She had a fight with a stray cat once when she ran away. She has thick fur so we didn't notice the wound earlier. Now she's under medication..and we're not ready to let her go. She's still four years old and she's part of the family.
Thanks for sharing your touching story.

mom said...

Yes, those furballs do have a way of getting in our hearts, don't they!

I do hope your cat will get better from the medication, Ruth. She's still so young and has a lot of living ahead of her!

Tammy ~@~

Tina said...

I am so sorry. .

Kimmie said...

Oh Tammy,

I am so sorry. That phone call is awful...such a long drive too.

So glad God gave you so many good years together.

We will have to make the phone call soon for our dog. He has a tumor growing in his mouth...we had it operated on grew right back...he is beginning to show signs that it might be advancing from mouth to brain. He is only 5 years old, sigh.

Oh how I love to have animals about. I am sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty-may God help you through the coming days without her.


mom said...

Oh, Kimmie! He's so young! Is it the dog you recently had a photo of on your blog?

Tammy ~@~

Chris Worthy said...

I am late reading this -- and I am so sorry for your family's loss.

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