Monday, January 4

Simple Woman's Daybook for January 4

For today January 4 

Outside my is mostly cloudy and lightly snowing.

I am thinking.....about all that has happened over the last several days.

I am thankful opportunity for all my children to be together for a few days because I don't know when that will happen again in the future.

I am flannel robe with pastel flowers on it and warm fuzzy socks on my cold feet.

I am hearing.....the wood in the woodburner crackle a bit.

I am creating.....a list of projects for the new year.

I am find some fabric in my stash that will work for embroidery lessons for my girls.

I am devotional in the morning and one at night before bed.  Once the new year settles I hope to get back to a good book!

I am praying.....for safe travels for my son as he flies back to his base today.

I am remembering.....the rowdy laughter heard during game times around our table.

I am hoping.....that my heart will calm in the days ahead.

On my mind.....are difficult relationships and wanting to protect my heart with some thicker skin, yet knowing that I cannot love others fully and completely by doing that which feels safe.

From the learning rooms....will be a slow start this morning, but I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Noticing children are still my children even when they do grow up and leave home.  That statement probably makes no sense to younger moms, but perhaps an older mom would understand the sentiment?

Pondering these words....."Leave the irreparable past in His Hands, and step out into the irresistible future with Him." ~ Oswald Chambers

From the kitchen.....we'll be eating lightly for a couple of days as I've been baking and cooking heavily for the last couple of weeks and would welcome a break!

Around the remnants of Christmas everywhere  as I didn't want to put away a single thing until all my children had left for their destinations.

One of my favorite hugging those I love.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....taking down the Christmas tree and packing up all the holiday decorations, straightening up the house, finishing up our end of the year family letter and sending it out with our family picture, writing out my 2010 calendars, getting my new devotional organized, hosting Bible study midweek, and designing my next quilt.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....

 My husband left for the airport around 3:30 AM and after I kissed and hugged him and my son goodbye, I wandered back into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee knowing sleep would elude me until probably after lunchtime *wink*  I lit the tealight one last time in the little Christmas tree that sits in the window above my kitchen sink and enjoyed the cozy quiet.

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Enjoy your newly January day!

Tammy ~@~


Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed my visit here. I certainly know what you mean about grown children. We still see them as children even when they are in their 30s and 40s.
I liked what you wrote about the quiet after the men left so early in the morning.
We have the same type goals this week. I'm anxious to get back to quilting and creating, too.
Mama Bear

ChiGirl said...

Well put. I love you. :)

Angela said...

Praying for you dear friend across the miles. You are in my thoughts today!


Nezzy said...

Enjoy the quietness of the day!

God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

boy oh boy... and I thought *I* lived far from the airport! I'll never complain about it again....

Hugs from the Boo!

mom said...

Thank you to ALL of you for your encouragement both here and privately!

And Steph, the airport run was repeated again this morning. After mechanical problems NOT getting resolved, my son's flight got canceled yesterday afternoon and my husband needed to drive back down and get him. I'm praying today that all flights will be a GO!

Tammy ~@~

Anonymous said...

Tammy - the other thing I wanted to say, but forgot until I re-read this post, is how much I LOVE the idea of embroidery lessons!! I had an aunt who taught me some simple stitches when I was very young and I remember how much I loved doing that with her.. Talk about a fading art!! Thanks for providing that sweet reminder for me this morning. Have a wonderful day of worship!


mom said...

What a sweet memory, Steph!

I had my oldest daughter pick up four different colored ten inch embroidery hoops for us to use since we have no place close-by to purchase them. I still need to check my fabric stash so we can get started. Hopefully I'll post some pictures as we get going!

Tammy ~@~

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