Thursday, January 7

a year of flowers

About five years ago after we remodeled our kitchen, I ordered a calendar frame from Lang to match my cabinets.   There's a couple disadvantages to this set-up such as NOT being able to flip through the pages to write things down on upcoming months and always needing to climb onto the kitchen countertop - hey, I'm vertically challenged! - to pull the calendar out of the frame as I flip to each new month. 

With a group of people coming into our house last night, I thought it best to FINALLY get my new wall calendar out of the package instead of being embarrassed by the empty frame on the wall - yikes!

As soon as I pulled the new calendar out, I remember the major advantage and reason why I ordered the calendar frame.  It's because I absolutely LOVE the choice of calendars to go into the frame!  The calendar I ordered for 2010 was designed by Susan Winget and it has bright beautiful flowers on each page AND a Scripture verse to go with each month.   

Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE it?

Of course, I will have to take it back out of the frame today as I have not yet written out all the important dates of the upcoming year, but that's a task I enjoy doing every new year.  And it's about time I get at it, eh?  LOL!

Enjoy the new pages of a new year in your garden!

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Flowers said...

Love the floral design of the calendar. It was nice going through your blog.Keep up the good work.

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